East St.Louis Illinois TELL ME WHAT U THINK

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East St.Louis Illinois TELL ME WHAT U THINK

There Are great players in the city of East St.Louis Football and Basketball but were are the scouts well the scouts come for football players but basketball i never seen a bcs school these kids have sills like D Wade speed jumping ablity but never get scouted it not just on the scouts it the kids 2 we grow up in the hood like every nba or collage kid like DWade KG i think nba player Darius Miles made our City Of Champions bad by the way he acted in the nba all skill but no brains we of the city of East St.Louis knew he was special and he was in special ED to lol he was the 1# playe in the nation in 2000 and the #3 pick in the 2000 nba draft same draft as Jamal Crawford, Mike Miller etc if thats saying a lot if scouts come here and look at our players i think they can change the NCAA in time!!!! AND IM NOT B.S

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