Dwightmare continues!!!

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Dwightmare continues!!!

After all the reports come out saying Dwight Howard was going to Houston, he decides to hop on a plane to L.A. and now reports suggest he is waffling on his decision and is 50-50 to return to L.A. Someone help this guy...

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I knew this would happen. No

I knew this would happen. No wonder I never got too psyched, I won't be happy until he signs his name.

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so much fun

I am loving this!
Remember he cant sign until the 10th so he has plenty of time to change his mind many more times.
I heard real madrid is now a option

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All media

This is all media. I dont think Dwight ever said he chose the Rockets. As said by Rockets GM earlier, they were never told that Dwight had made a decision. The Lakers said the same thing. This is reporters listening to people who they feel are sources and then reporting the stuff they hear as facts.

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Someone needs to explain to

Someone needs to explain to Dwight Howard that he's not actually going to make $30 million more dollars playing in Los Angeles. over a third of the difference is gonna go right into the pockets of the State of California.

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What happens when you buy the so called "sources" of espn analyst. I hope majority of them gets fired. This is some bad journalism

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