Dwight teams up with Harden!

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Dwight teams up with Harden!

Wow how do you think this will work out and what about that means for the league!?

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Depends on what their next

Depends on what their next moves are and if it's a sign and trade. I think the Rockets need a stretch 4 to compliment what they have going on and Josh Smith's shooting percentages outside the paint aren't the best fit.

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I read on hoops hype that

I read on hoops hype that they hornets have shown interest in trading ryan anderson for omer asik, I think that would be a good fit for both teams.

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agreed with the rockets

agreed with the rockets would be making a ill-advised move an trading asiek for jsmoove. if they do trade asiek, which we hearing rumors about wanting to leave, dont care about rumors but if i was him i would be thinking i helped get yall to the playoffs and now am i that expendable just because of dwight, yea let me go. they do have greg smith who has shown he is very capable of being a quality back up big.
houston needs a stretch 4 thinking about trading anderson of the pelicans for asiek, good for both teams, but terrence jones and donatas would get garbage minutes. I would really like to see them given a chance. they do need some quality depth at the wing position on the bench. francisco garcia is a free agent and they waived delfino. I say trade aseik for a quality guard and 1st round pick, that only cuz i like when people get their chance and those youngsters i mentioned deserve their chance at the 4 spots.

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Houston = Win

Howard + Smith - White = Happy Houston!

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