Dwight Howard a good fit with Pelicans

Why are Howards only reported destinations Houston, Dallas, Golden State and Los Angeles. Players talk about their decision to sign being based on winning. His best chance to win titles is with the New Orleans Pelicans!
To have enough room to sign Howard they would need to decline team options on at least Darius Miller, Brian Roberts, Lance Thomas and possibly Robin Lopez. They would be left with a core of... Jrue Holiday - Eric Gordon - Anthony Davis - Ryan Anderson - Grieves Vasquez - Austin Rivers - Jason Smith
Adding Dwight to that team would put the Pelicans into contention for a long time. AD has 3 more years at 5-6mil per. Holiday 4 years at 11 per. Gordon and Anderson have 3 more years under contract and Dwight would sign for 4. This would be a great young team. IMO much better than a nucleus of Howard - Harden - Parsons - ???? they have no one else who is a legitimate role player unless they turn Asik/Lin into anything good.
I'm from Australia so I don't know that much about the lifestyle of New Orleans but it can't be that bad that it's not even a consideration for Dwight Howard to sign there. I wonder if Dell Demps has even considered this option.
Do the Pelicans have the mid level exception to find a role playing small forward?
Lets hear what other people have to say about this, add to the conversation.

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I think signing with NO is

I think signing with NO is too big of a risk for Howard. Their two best returning players are both big men and the team doesn't know what it will get out of Gordon. The addition of Holiday and hopefully better health for Gordon should help make the team a contender in the future, especially if Howard could shore up the defense, but it still isn't as good a situation as Houston.

The Rockets are a consistently good offensive team regardless of personnel and now they have the league's best SG and a very good SF to go with a group of young role players. Add Howard to that team and they should become a championship contender. They already made the playoffs last year without much scoring in their frontcourt and some inconsistent play from young PFs. If the Rockets get Howard, they should be able to improve their defense and field an elite offense.

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Thats a very good point about

Thats a very good point about Gordon and Houston's consistently good offense, i'd definitely have to agree with that.
Ryan Anderson will probably always be the bench big with AD on the team but with Orlando the Anderson-Howard combo worked a treat.
I will concede that Howard isn't going to New Orleans but it would've been a very good team if Gordon comes back healthy. Maybe i'll make a 2k14 team with Howard on the Pelicans to quench my basketball fantasy.

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I definitely wouldn't want

I definitely wouldn't want Howard here.

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Its not only abt the rings. Dwight wants also to conquer the market. Something Houston can offer with links to China. As far as I see nop, they lack experience, i dont see them beating Okc in a 7 game series

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he could sign with Utah, No trades needed

c'mon lets be realistic!

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