Dwight changed it because Shaq

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Dwight changed it because Shaq

When shaq retired he said all his nicknames are retiring too including 'superman'.

When shaq took that last shot at d12, dwight seemed fed up when asked about it. this might be a little hard to believe but i was going to say dwight is going to change his nickname on that thread, i swear.

recently dwight said suggested to be called iron-man!! and its all because shaq was being butt hurt about the entire superman situation.



i think ironman is a perfect nickname for russell westbrook, not only is he one of the biggest physical specimen to ever play the PG, he hasn't missed a game his ENTIRE basketball career, HS, CBB and NBA (if im not mistaken). and they actually look alike too lol.

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It'd be crazy to have that

It'd be crazy to have that nickname because like Dwight Howard, even the best can get injured.

It's not hard to imagine Russell Westbrook getting injured considering his style of play.

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Russell Westbrook is a

Russell Westbrook is a machine for sure.

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So Dwight

could be War Machine then...?

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The Hulk and he could call himself

Hollywood Hulk Howard

Hollywood- LA

Hulk- his build

Howard- his last name

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ill never forget 'hollywood hulk howard'...


the nba could seriously use some good nicknames.

just for the sake of doing it, im ranking the top 12 current nicknames. best ones got a meaning to it;

1- AK47: Andre Kirilienko, #47. FROM RUSSIA!!!!. best nickname of all times imo.

2- the custodian: hilarious. does the dirty work

3- big baby: he looks like a big baby, and cries when he looses lol.

4- black mamba: deadly attackers

5- the truth: you cant handle the truth

6- linsanity. it was linsane what he did in NY

7- flash wade: sick change of speeds.

8- the big ticket: single handendly sold tickets (outdated)

9- the matrix: the hops

10- the jet: whole act and everything

11- j. smoove: cool

12- birdman: just cuss Everyone calls him that


bonus: (underground nicknames)

blake griffin: 'the interracial facial'. saw it in this site, ill never forget it. absolutely hilarious meaning.

klay thompson: 'Klay tommy-gun'. for the ''thompson machine-gun''. he's a deadly shooter. i invented it.

rusell westbrook: IronMan. i invented it


'the hibachi' is out.

'king' for lebron is dull, and no1 calls him LeFrieght Train, which is killer

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I like the nickname Shaq

I like the nickname Shaq gave Blake griffin "Blake the earthquake griffin" cause he rocks the rim

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