DWade looks good...TRADE HIM NOW!

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DWade looks good...TRADE HIM NOW!

Here I go again. Do I want DWade to go? No. Let me get straight to it. The Heat suck in the paint. Did u see what the Bulls did to them on the boards? It was sad to see. LBJ is great. But it's not fair to him he has no one to help him do the dirty work. Bosh is a perimeter player. His rebounds come from long misses. He doesn't mix it up at all. So someone has to go. Not only for rebounding...but there's no low post option whatsoever. Unless, once again, LBJ goes into the post. He has to create everything, defend everything, and clean up everything on the glass. They're not gonna win like that. Bring in Kevin Love for DWade. Bring in Cousins from Sac. Bring in someone to help LBJ...PLEASE! It doesn't matter the player in return from DWade is not worth it player for player. But what he's gonna do to help the Heat will pay off in the long run. Trade DWade now! He makes no one better anymore. It's LBJ's team. That's it.

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Kevin Love would be a good

Kevin Love would be a good solution to the rebounding problem, but a Bosh-Love frontcourt would be awful defensively. Lebron is a better post defender than both of them

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Oh god Aran please ban his IP

Oh god Aran please ban his IP address ASAP!!! The HEAT will NEVER trade DWade!!! Stop with this talk!

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Straight up. Heat will never

Straight up. Heat will never trade Wade for anything close to his value in the market. Wade is a HOF'er champion who is one of the experienced in 'big-times' in the entire league.
The heat defense would take a blow.
You get for Wade who's gonna be the other 'go-to scorer' in the Playoffs? (I highly value this ability).
Demarcus Cousins is unproven, why are you trying to re-build the best team in the league? dont fix what not broken... What if we get Cousins and the plan doensnt work out.

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yea to be honest i cant even

yea to be honest i cant even picture dwade in a different jersey. lebron is the best player and face of the franchise but dwade has had the heat as part of his identity ever since he got drafted..hes sort of like what pierce is to the celtics(except younger) i really cant picture wade ever playing somewhere else, even at the end of his career i think he stays with the heat

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