D.Wade a bull

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D.Wade a bull
this picture looks so real as a bulls fan i can only imagine how dynamic he would be alongside derrick rose

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I think D-Wade probably stays in Miami...

Especially if they can lure in a player like Bosh/Stoudemire/Boozer.

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I don't think Dwayne Wade

I don't think Dwayne Wade will be leaving. He is recruiting players to come to Miami and personally I feel Bosh will be going there and that is enough for him to stay.

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He's a dummy if he thinks

He's a dummy if he thinks Bosh will guarantee them elite team status. Take it from a die-hard Raps fan - Bosh is soft and when put in the spotlight next season will prove to be worth much less than his max deal. I'm pleased to hear that he's leaving T.O. "see you later! don't let the door hit you on those nappy dreds on your way out" He doesn't deserve the label of franchise player, this is evident, and he will prove himself little more than a glorified jump-shooter with DWade when the going gets tough, deeper in the playoffs. Bosh has some nice things to his game but could not win with anyone in Toronto. He was often a high volume shooter and held the ball far too long during posessions, not helping as much as you would think with team chemistry. check out his stats against someone like K.G or Duncan...terrible! He's no Gasol and will absolutely be an underachiever (in the playoffs) for whatever team. With that said, I think it would be glorious if DWade signed wth the Bulls. He would be better off playing with their sweet crew (Rose Noah) than staying in Miami to rely on CB4. I hope both teams sink for years to come ( did I mention I'm a Raps fan) but do honestly feel that Chicago is where Wade will sign.

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Yeah I got this one

Yeah I got this one yesterday, I also got one with LeBron and a Knicks jersey on the cover.

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He is staying. He's already dissed the Bulls organization for not being "loyal." He wants people to come and join him in South Beach. I understand he's a hometown guy, but he started out in Miami and has already won a championship. He has a hall of fame coach (opportunist) waiting to bolt down to coach a good team and this is the one team in the league that could conceivably sign 3 max guys with only a little bit of creativity. Why? Because not only are they under the cap, they have Wade's Bird rights meaning they could sign him even if he puts them over the cap. All you have to do is sign Wade last. Then you fill in the blanks with some minimum salary guys. Probably get a few veterans and guys that get the short end of what is left of the money at the end of free agency that prefer to play in the NBA.

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