Dunleavy to the Bulls

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Dunleavy to the Bulls

Everybody knows the Bulls were looking for a shooter to play with Rose and it looks like they found their man. He will sign a two year deal worth 6 million and I think he could be a solid pick up. He isn't a great defender like Chicago is used to but he does have great size for a SG. He has been under the radar for a while and it will be nice to see him on a contending team for once. He was getting a lot of interest from Minnesota, LA, and Houston so Chicago should be happy to have one of the better bargain shooters in this free agent class.

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Dunleavy has to be on my list

Dunleavy has to be on my list on players that should've had better careers then they did..He's been a solid player and average 19 pts a game for 1 season......I guess he didnt have the mind set and heart become an all star caliber player...

The Bulls are really going to miss Nate's killer instincts,fearlessness and attitude..But Dunleavy is a good shooter,an efficent player and gives them another player that can create shots for himself and others....And last season they didnt have many of those on the team.....

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Dunleavy is an adequate

Dunleavy is an adequate defender, he's not lost, he can hit some shots, will spread the floor for Rose, good pick up.

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I would've given that same

I would've given that same contract to Nate instead. He earned it.
Dun Jr is ok. Good value contract, he can give Deng a rest and the Bulls need shooting, but they need a 2nd creator more than shooting. Having shooters to spread the floor is great, but teams also need players to collapse the defense to give those players those shots. The Bulls have Derrick to do that and that's it.

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I think Nate probably played himself out of the Bulls price range. I'm also not sure how much value he has when Rose is on the team. Don't get me wrong, I think the Bulls could still use him, but I don't think he would get the same opportunities and the same rope that he had last year.

As for a creator, I don't think there is a guy that fit that need at the 3 mil price range. Chicago doesn't have a lot of options with their cap situation.

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TO Me it seems as though Butler or Deng is going to be part of a trade in future. Mike is a good defender / weak side help and charge

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Personally, I see the Bulls

Personally, I see the Bulls loading the bench back up. With the emergence of Jimmy Butler, if he continues to develop, we have our 2 guard of the future. With a line up of Rose, Butler, Deng, Boozer and Noah, we have a big starting 5. With Nazr returning, signing Mike Dunleavy, and Hinrich PROBABLY returning, add that to Taj Gibson, we have a re-up of the Bench Mob. Nate had a great year! Hate to see him go.

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