Duke vs. UNC Smackdown Part 7

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Duke vs. UNC Smackdown Part 7

Eh. These haven't been as good as they used to be probably because a real douchebag hasn't been on either team since Reggie Bullock a couple years back. It seems like they are trying too hard to talk smack.

The animosity between the players is no where near the animosity held by the opposing fan bases and you can tell that they are buds and probably hang out a lot during the offseason.

My favorite in the video was Meeks because you can tell he is still kind of a Duke fan because Marshall Plumlee is the butt of many Duke fan jokes as well lol.

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God I can just hear Kennedy

God I can just hear Kennedy Meeks getting fatter as he talks into the microphone. As a Unc fan I don't know how he is going to manage to last many minutes in our high tempo style of play.

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I worry that Williams isn't

I worry that Williams isn't really getting the kids that he really wants to recruit and he's just taking the best of what's left because starting with talent is a big plus. Don't really follow UNC ball that much so that might not be the case.

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saw some highlights on

saw some highlights on kennedy meeks, can he jump?, but he is a wrecking ball at the paint, pushing players to get to his spot,

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