Duke vs. Louisville

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Duke vs. Louisville

Probably the two best teams left in the field...can't wait for Sunday hopefully this is a classic game.

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Rematch of November 24. Duke won by 5 but Gorgui Dieng was out with a wrist injury that game so anything could happen Sunday.

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With G.Dieng

With G.Dieng on the floor, Louiseville is better than BlueDevils...

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oo man now things are getting

oo man now things are getting interesting, its so crazy to see teams that had a chance to win the whole thing ex. (kansas,indiana) go down and now tommorow someone else is going down too. cant wait. i really cant picture either of these teams being exited out of the tourney but when it comes down to it, louisville just looks unbeatable right now. I know some people may not like this but my heart is saying duke and my head is saying l'ville

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