Duke cancels Dominican republic exhibition tour due to coach k knee surgery

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Duke cancels Dominican republic exhibition tour due to coach k knee surgery

Duke was scheduled to play 2 exhibition games against the Dominican republic national team within the next couple of weeks. However, now that coach k announced he is having knee replacement surgery the trip is abruptly being cancelled.

I won't jump to conclusions because I don't know all the details, but just from an outsider's perspective this seems like a pretty selfish move on coach K's part. This seems like it could have been a good bonding experience for the team ahead of the upcoming season regardless of whether coach k was on the sidelines or not. You would think coach k would have enough confidence in his assistant coaches to lead the team in 2 meaningless exhibition games. You would think he would want the players to get the experience of traveling to a different culture and get a feel for playing with each other.

This kind of makes me question just how much of a control freak coach k really is and if that's ultimately good for the Duke program. He is 70 and obviously has some health issues. He can't keep coaching forever. Yet he seems extremely reluctant to relinquish even the slightest bit of control. Remember how he rushed back from his surgery last season. If he isn't willing to even let an assistant coach the team for 2 exhibition games, how well does that bode for eventually grooming someone to be his successor down the line?

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It's completely asinine to

It's completely asinine to question whether K is good for the Duke program just because he cancelled a few exhibition games and this is coming from a die hard Carolina fan that despises Duke.

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One of the greatest coaches

One of the greatest coaches of all-time and I was curious about this decesion as well. You have assistant coaches that should be able to manage this trip. This gives guys the opportunity to bond, see another country, etc. With so many young players and players that need to step up, this is questionable.

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I think that it makes sense

I think that it makes sense in a way. These trips are mostly about bonding/chemistry, etc. Coach K knows that he has to be a big part of that in order to be an effective leader. He has a ton of freshman coming in who are going to play a lot of minutes and so it's not like the teams of old which were made up of 4 year seniors who could basically coach themselves. I think it's a smart move on K's part. I don't like it that the kids don't get to travel and have fun, but I think that the decision is about the big picture and I agree with coach K. And this coming from a guy who generally can't stand Duke basketball.

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