Duke’s Chris Collins ‘interested’ in Northwestern head coaching job

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Duke’s Chris Collins ‘interested’ in Northwestern head coaching job

Multiple reports indicate that Chris Collins would be interested – perhaps very interested – in filling Northwestern’s coaching vacancy after the firing of Bill Carmody, and that he’d enjoy tackling the challenges the program faces.

Yesterday, when I wrote about the possibility of Chris Collins leaving Duke to become Northwestern’s head coach, the question wasn’t so much whether or not Northwestern would have Chris Collins, but whether or not Mike Krzyzewski’s top assistant would be willing in coming to Northwestern. Today, we have two different reports that he would, in fact, want be interested in taking the job – music to Northwestern fans’ ears.

The lead news in Chris Collins speculation Saturday was that Andy Katz’ sources said he was interested.Now, Chicago’s two biggest newspapers add their names to those reporting Collins’ interest.

First, Teddy Greenstein at the Tribune, in a story on Collins and other potential replacements:

And an industry source told the Tribune that Collins would be “very interested” in the job and is not angling to succeed Krzyzewski.

Not just interested – very interested! The Krzyzewski succession thing would be a big reason to assume lack of interest on Collins’ part – there was word he was being groomed to do so – but he’s presumably in charge for as long as he wants to be there, and Collins might not want to wait.

From Joe Henricksen on the Sun Times’ blogs:

Collins is still expected to be a target and, according to a source with knowledge, the 13-year Duke assistant is still very much intrigued by the job.

“If Northwestern decides that Chris Collins is their guy and they are fair with him in the [negotiating] process, Chris would definitely be interested,” the source told the Hoops Report.

According to Hoops Report sources, the son of former NBA all-star and current Philadelphia 76ers coachDoug Collins welcomes the academic rigor at Northwestern and targeting a certain type of recruit that a school and program like Northwestern attracts.

The idea that there’s a coach not out there that not only would take on a tough academic recruiting job at Northwestern, but would actually look forward to it is pretty much the best thing a Northwestern fan can hear at this point in the process. Henricksen adds that sources indicated Collins would have been interested last year. The quote about being fair in the negotiating process is a key here – NU would have to shell out some cash for Collins, which they might as well. If the school can’t or won’t pony up for facilities improvements, perhaps ponying up for a hot young coaching prospect would be the next best thing.

There was some concern in the comments about the failures of the Coach K coaching tree, but I don’t think that’s a huge concern for me. They’re all different guys with different skills, and besides, some of them have had success at their schools, like Mike Brey at Notre Dame and Tommy Amaker at Harvard. (Yes, he failed at Michigan first.) I don’t think their failures should kill Collins as a candidate.

Regardless, I think we have a frontrunner, here.

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1st move should be

I know most guys like bringing in their own staff, but Collins (or whoever gets the job) should resign assistant Tavarus Hardy. No one has been more important in getting local talent (like Juice Thompson, John Shurna and Drew Crawford to name a few) to Evanston. I know Chris is already a strong recruiter in this area already, but he really should have an assistant who is tapped in to the Chicago area and just happens to be an alum.

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Cats Hire

Unless Northwestern relaxes their academic standards for their men's hoops program, anyone taking that job will not succeed. When Tommy Amaker (sp?) interviewed for the Cats job several years ago he showed the academic transcripts of two players without naming who the players were. Tommy asked the Athletic Director if he took the job, could he recruit these two players with those specific adademic backgrounds and the AD said those two player would not qualify academically at Northwestern. Those two players were Christian Laetner and Bobby Hurly and Amaker said if could not get players like that to the Cats than he could not take the job.

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Honestly I prefer that

Honestly I prefer that Northwestern keeps their basketball team mediocre rather than jeopardizing their stellar academic reputation. It's a University after all...

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Isn't Tommy Amaker the coach

Isn't Tommy Amaker the coach at HAS to be harder to get kids eligible for Harvard over NW.

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Exactly. I like the Collins

Exactly. I like the Collins hire. He's from the north suburbs of Chicago, which is right around where he needs to be recruiting, but the bottom line is, not everyone on the basketball team needs to be a Northwestern caliber student. I'm not saying they should recruit idiots and troublemakers, but they definitely need to relax the standards if they are ever going to compete.

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He needs a head coaching job,

He needs a head coaching job, but idk if this is the one. They are not good are basketball unless a top level recruit comes there

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