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im getting more and more excited by this kid!! I just read an article that is on the homepage of this site, via Drummond more than likely will be working with none other than the dream this off season. can't wait to see him next year. I hope he soaks up everything hakeem has to teach him.

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I'm really rooting for

I'm really rooting for Drummond. There hasn't been a a truly dominant, back to the basket center in a while. I really hope he develops into something great.

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Hakeem can surely help him,

Hakeem can surely help him, this could be great for Drummond and Detroit.

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Can't believe he fell all the

Can't believe he fell all the way to 9. Always thought he could be a good player and he surpassed my expectations that were already pretty high. Guys the real deal.

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Yea I've always liked him and

Yea I've always liked him and really like that he is doing this so early in his career and will benefit from it. Gotta also show him love since he has a Jamaican background like me. Just found this online

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No doubt, has turned into one

No doubt, has turned into one of my fave big men. I really hope this guy reaches his potential, could prove to be a very dominant player and get Detroit back on the up swing.

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Finally a big man working

Finally a big man working with Hakeem after his rookie season...he didn't wait 5,6 or 7 years.Now he probably won't develop Hakeem's footwork but he should see an improvement in his overall offensive game.He is still raw and the fact that he get to work with Hakeem so early in his career is the best move for him.I really want to see Detroit's frontcourt next season

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