D.Rose vs. Tony Parker

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D.Rose vs. Tony Parker

Whos better at getting to the hole at will? Tony Parker oooor Derrick Rose?


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Derrick Rose. He doesn't have

Derrick Rose. He doesn't have Manu to spread the court, he has Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer. He has Korver but Korver can't attack like Manu and considering how much of the defense is focused on stopping Rose it has to be him imo. Not to say TP doesn't get a lot of attention as well though.

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close one

parker is always among the league leaders in points in the paint which says alot about his ability to get to the rim rose is so strong and fast hes nearly impossible to stop getting to to the rim very close imo but if i had to pick one id take rose

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not to diminish tony parker's

not to diminish tony parker's abilities too much, but i don't think this is even very close ... i can think of probaly 5 other players names i'd use in this question rather then tony parkers

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