DRose out for the Season

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DRose out for the Season

According to ESPN Derrick Rose is out for the rest of the season now after surgery. Sad sad ending to his season. With that being said I think it's time for the bulls to make some moves now. Whether that means trading boozer or Deng I think the time is now for them to make roster changes. What do you think they could go after or get?

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Wow.. Just wow. Feel bad for

Wow.. Just wow. Feel bad for D Rose. Dang

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Rose cried when he got his

Rose cried when he got his contract and was recovering, i hope fans dont start calling him soft and saying his career is over. Hes one of the most humble dudes I ever seen. Gotta just pray and hope he makes a good recovery. Really feel bad for dude. Sad

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The Bulls

What do the Bulls do? I heard a Bulls beat writer on the radio this morning say that the injury just completely deflated the rest of the locker room because they worked so hard last year to have a decent season and they doubt they can do it again. And then they went out and got embarassed by the Clips.

Zach Lowe has a good article today on the Bulls ( and he suggests the Bulls look into trading Deng and possibly Taj Gibson and then they will be officially in the tank listings for the remainder of the season. The East stinks, but the Bulls will not challenge without Rose. Also, the Bulls are $8M over the salary cap. Gar/Pax have to make some moves. Staying as is doesn't make any sense to me for this season and beyond.

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His career is definitely not

His career is definitely not over but even as a DRose fan, I would think he won't be able to return to his old MVP level of play. Even without the after effects of the injuries this is going to be about a 3 year span he hasn't played basketball consistently and that gap alone makes me think its going to be hard for him to be what he was before. I hope he can be the electrifying player he was and he still showed glimpses of it this year but with the lingering effects on both knees and what basically amounts to a 3 year layoff from basketball, I would have to say DRose will be a shell of himself even when he comes back.

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Ouch. That is all I wanted to


That is all I wanted to say.

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I feel bad too, D Rose is an

I feel bad too, D Rose is an icon of this Nba.

I think that Bulls have to tank this season, trade Boozer o someone else and rebuild the team around the 2014 pick ( + D rose of course )

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DaMMit!! How much Bad News

DaMMit!! How much Bad News can the World Take? 1st Family Guy Kills off Brian and Now D Rose is out for the year!!!

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This is both great and bad

This is both great and bad news.

Bad news that he'll be about out for 4-6 months, just depending how his meniscus heals.

Great news is that this is great for him in the long term because they were able to repair his meniscus instead of just cutting it out. That's why B. Roy's career ended pre-maturely. The surgeons were never able to save his meniscus and had to cut them out. This is why D. Wade is struggling right now... Because his meniscus was cut out. When it's cut out, you're bone on bone and your knee wears down quicker.

This sucks because he will miss even more time on the floor, but this isn't going to have close to the same affect on his game as the ACL tear. I mean, look at Russell Westbrook. Does it look like he's lost any athleticism?

D. Rose will be OK. Main thing they need to worry about is just making sure his rehab is on point and that he's doing it the right way.

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i think the bulls should do

i think the bulls should do whatever they can to get jabari parker without giving up rose. im thinking parker gets picked second. so the bulls should give up noah, gibson, and there first round pick for the next 2 years.

there future can look a little something like:





(some center from the second round maybe)

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I would try and tank. Could

I would try and tank. Could be difficult though since anything north of 30 wins in the east means you are competing for a playoff spot. Good luck to rose. You never want to see anybody go down like this.

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can only hope that d rose

can only hope that d rose will return to greatness next season. stay healthy man

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Very sad

Hoping for the best but looks like a Penny Hardaway or Grant Hill situation ... just very sad because we won't get to see him peak ... we saw what he could do in his MVP season imagine if he wasn't robbed of his prime ... all the best and hope he comes back better but the situation looks grim

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