Drew Gooden The Forgotten Man

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Drew Gooden The Forgotten Man

Drew Gooden sat on the Buck's bench so much last season seems like teams forgot what he can offer...Some of the teams that are in the market for a big man, have not listed Gooden as a person of interest...I don't see why he isn't on anyone's radar, he's a decent player at 6'10, who's good at pick & roll, can hit the mid range shot, a good rebounder, can block shots, plays with a lot of energey, a good post passer, and can beat slower big men off the dribble. The Knicks who are in the market for another big, should take a chance and sign Gooden to the veteran's minimum, instead of going for Ivan Johnson.

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drew gooden

maybe drew gooden is about that krypt life....

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Drew Gooden is a

Drew Gooden is a krypt......thats why he's been forgotten by the NBA

This forum topic was brought to you by the cj mccollum looking guy who created this:

Enough said.

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how many topics on average do

how many topics on average do you think you create in a day cj mcollum?

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I agree he would fit good

I agree he would fit good with the knicks but I think he should be able to be a 4th bigman on a contending team. Maybe the spurs, the thunder could use him, he would be a good 4th big man for them. He would fit with the clippers as a back up to blake griffin. He would fit pretty good on the hornets. He would be a better option than nazr for the bulls. There are probably better fits or other teams that could use him. He would also be a good 5th big man for any team.

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Crazy how you can go from a

Crazy how you can go from a terrible thread (Josh Smith gang ties) to a pretty good post like this. But I agree it wouldn't hurt for a contending team to pick up Gooden for cheap

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How do you know who is

How do you know who is interested in him??? Maybe he's taking his time to find the right fit...

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He's forgotten because his

He's forgotten because his game is forgettable. His game is forgettable because he is a net negative player. His mediocre offense isn't enough to make up for his horrible defense and bonehead decision making.

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