Dream NBA Picks

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Dream NBA Picks

With this years draft being so big in the eyes of many I think the top 5 players that will come out will be :

Andrew Wiggins (who I kind of like needs to be more assertive but the same was said about Ben Mac and you see how much he was shooting which is good

Jabari Parker: My favorite player he is a mix between Paul Pierece and Melo

Julius Randle: I actually liken him to a more athletic and under control Anotnie Walker

Marcus Smart: Bulldog winner, can lock you up and once he fully learns the PG spot its gonna be a problem

and Dante Exum: fom highlights and projections he is suppose to be a top 5 real deal pick and you know how the NBA likes to have that 1 foreign guy picked in the top 5 of great drafts (looking at you Darko lol)

But the best landing spots for each of these players is what I'm more interested in lets start from the bottom up and with the 5th pick in the 2014 NBA draft the

Boston Celtics select Dante Exum: He is the perfect fit for a team like Boston a combo guard who can do a bit of everything and can grow with Coach Stevens and Danny Ainge. He can shoot, pass, defend and with the right culture around him can develope into one of the better 2 guards in the game (take away James Harden who's really a future all around shooting guard star? I'll wait)

4th Pick: Orlando Magic: Marcus Smart: this is about as easy as it gets the Magic would have picked this guy 2nd in the 2013 draft. To be able to get Victor and Marcus in the same backcourt is going to be a defensive nightmare for teams down the road. If Tobias, Mo Harkless and Nikola Vucevic continue to develope then this is the new Indiana Pacers in 2 years.

3rd Pick: Sacramento Kings: Juluis Randle: This is my wild card pick I know that the Kings need a small forward but if you can pair Randle with Cousins and Ben Mac then fill up the rest of the team with role players and vets and their ownership (yes you Shaq) put the right enviornment around them then thats a lot of firepower from 3 young guys. Thats a scary 3 right here.

2nd pick: Utah Jazz: Jabari Parker: This is an easy pick for a few different reasons, 1st the Jazz need a go to scorer going forward. They have the big man combo for the next 10 years in Favors and Kanter. They have the do everything player in Hayward, they have the combo guard who can score off the bench in Burk. They hope to have the lead gurad once Burks comes back. Add Jabari who is a mormon and guess which state is best for mormons. The state with all that Jazz lol. He will be a 20ppg scorer as soon as he puts on that Utah Jazz jersey.

1st pick: Charlotte Bobcats: Andrew Wiggins: all that tanking that the Bobcats did will end up helping out the Hornets lol. and Maple Jordan meet Michael Jordan. This is a classic pick for Jordan he can't mess up the pick but with Wiggins not striking me as a alpha dog this is my team type player if he flames out Jordan will sell if he works out he'll sign him to team Jordan and team with MKG, Kemba and Zeller for a great future.

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i want wiggins to end up anywhere put charolette

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I dont see how Julius Randle

I dont see how Julius Randle is anything like Antoine Walker. Randle is a beast in comparison.

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Yeah, I stopped reading on

Yeah, I stopped reading on that spot.

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You clearly never saw Antoine

You clearly never saw Antoine Walker play in his prime or at Kentucky then. He was a 20 n 10 type point forward just like Randle. He combined size strength and agility witg a great feel for the game and ball handling ability.

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I don't think they are too

I don't think they are too similar.

However you are saying that this guy who hasn't finished his 1st season in college is a beast compared to someone who used to average 23 and 9 in the NBA. That seems a bit shortsighted.

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