This Drafts potentail

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This Drafts potentail

I think this draft has the potential to have a few superstars I just think scouts say its not that great because there is no clear nnumber 1. I think in a few years this draft goes down like the 2011 draft or 2005 good drafts with superstars drafted after busts and second rounders who produce better than some firsts. This draft isn't 2001 bad for one thing this draft might have the best athletes in recent memory I think 8 guys with 40in vert.

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All stars maybe, superstars I doubt, but hey who knows?

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You just never know. One

You just never know. One thing that gets under my skin is when it comes down to it the best players in 5-10 years are not going to be or would be very very very rare in the order they were drafted. People knock teams who look like they are "reaching" for a certain player. When in reality players who don't get drafted as high can turn out to be a star in the league.

For example, just look at Steve Nash. He was drafted 15th overall in the first round. If a team picked him say 3-5 it would have been seen to be a massive reach.

Of course, it is a much safer bet to take guys who are projected in the top few slots, but just remember there will be always or more often than not, players who are drafted later who turn out to be studs. I love trying to work out who the next Gilbert Arenas or Manu Ginobili is when it comes into later picks in the draft.

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Umm, solid. Probably no

Umm, solid. Probably no superstar. Some guys who can make an all-star game or two.

Lots of very solid players. I think there could be 40 rotation guys out of this rookie class (maybe not all drafted though).

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I don't think there's one

I don't think there's one superstar in this whole draft. Not only that, it's not great because guys who would go in the late lottery at best in a good year are being pushed up 7-10 spots. The best example I can think of is that Nerlens Noel is projected to go #2 overall. He probably won't be any better than Serge Ibaka, yet he went 22 spots lower back in 2008.

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by that logic, one could say

by that logic, one could say that he could end up like Marcus Camby who went 2nd over-all back in 1996. i would never really rule out an entire draft class, although having a superstar is still a reach.

there is maybe a hand-full of undisputed superstars in the league while another two would be debatable. from 2000-2010, less then half(4) of the ROY winners turned out to be a superstar while most(7) of them became all-stars. in fact, take out the draft classes of 2003 and 2008 and youd be fortunate to come out with a superstar already.

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Its extremely rare for people

Its extremely rare for people to see superstar potential in players before they are drafted. The two that I remember hearing the experts talk about that way were Shaq and Lebron.

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The predraft process doesn't

The predraft process doesn't negate a year of mostly bad basketball.

Rudy Gobert did not show a great deal of progress from last season to this one. I fail to see how him measuring out at precisely the height and wingspan people claimed him to be last fall somehow makes him a better prospect than the one whose season left people underwhelmed. Steven Adams was every bit as big and athletic during the season, the only difference was that in the games he was not good.

When Livio Jean-Charles and Dennis Schroder are 19-year olds in their second year of playing in the top domestic leagues in their home countries participate in a high school all-star game, I fail to see how that can completely overshadow nice but unspectacular seasons. An all-star game is a pickup game. A league is coached, structured, scouted, and has meaning. Since joining ASVEL's rotation, Jean-Charles has averaged 4.4 points on 50.7 percent shooting, 3.6 rebounds, .3 blocks, .6 assists, .9 turnovers, and 1.3 fouls in 18 minutes per in the ProA. I don't think the cup games would change it much if they were added in. The numbers aren't bad for a 19 year old, but he went from someone who might declare in order to go through the process and be seen to possibly a first round pick. Schroder went from having a miserable month of play in Germany shooting 15-54 with more turnovers than assists in the month leading up to the Nike Hoop Summit to a first round pick.

Yes, point guard after point guard after guard is point athletic. Other than Larkin, how many of them showed the ability to make shots? What has made guys like Conley, Curry, Parker, Robinson, Hill, Jack, and Cole stand out in the playoffs. Yes, almost all of them are athletic, but it is the shot making. Conley and Cole have always been athletic, now they are making shots and their games have taken off. Even beyond the guards, I don't think anybody really thought guys like Peyton Siva, Carter-Williams, Mitchell, Leslie, Thomas, Zeller, and Plumlee would test poorly in athletic tests, but they were just as athletic during the season.

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Agreed. Draft is missing a

Agreed. Draft is missing a clear franchise player that no one can get wrong. But it will have lots of guys who quickly become good NBA players. And some who might be All Stars or develop into franchise players. The guys who go 5 through 10 will be better than 2011's 5 through 10.
Check out that list. Not a single guy on it is actually a better than average starter. Kemba Walker might have some fans and develop, but no, as of now, he is not as good as the average NBA starting PG.

Vertical jump numbers are kind of sick for this draft class as well. There are a lot of dudes jumping 40"!!!

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I think this draft can be a

I think this draft can be a lot like this years NFL draft. Not a lot of shine but definitely some players to plug glaring holes on a team.

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