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Draft Stock

I just joined this forum. Hello all. I would just like to get some feedback and opinions on some of my favorite players.

Thoughts on these players Draft and NBA potential:

Aaron Craft

Ryan Harrow

Brandon Paul

Doug McDermott

Peyton Siva

Jamaal Franklin

Phil Pressey

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aaron craft- no NBA potential

aaron craft- no NBA potential (european player, and should still make decent money over there)
ryan harrow- no NBA potential either
brandon paul- late second rounder i'd say, but wont produce that much (at best be a toney douglas type player)
doug mcdermott- i say he'll be a solid bench guy
peyton siva- no nba potential
jamaal franklin- im not a fan so i think at best he'll be a solid bench player
phil pressey- dont know much about his game

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To be honest, I feel like all

To be honest, I feel like all of these prospects have a small to decent shot at succeeding in the league.

In regards to Craft, I think his man-to-man defense will gain him some attention even though his offense lags behind.

Harrow can flat out score. It may take him a while to develop a shot, but he can penetrate well. His frame is alarming though.

Siva is too athletic and instinctive not to at least make some noise in the league.

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Maybe Craft could make it as

Maybe Craft could make it as a defensive specialist, but I think his lack of progress on offense is a concern. There have been players with his skillset having successful careers. Eric Snow being one that comes to mind, but Eric had the defensive versatility to check 2's as well. If he doesn't get drafted I think he'll be alright. I read that he's practically a genius and already has plans to become a doctor.

Harrow's played better in recent games, but only enough to maybe be taken in the 2nd round. He's very small with a tiny frame and he doesn't have the greatest PG instincts.

Not a fan of Brandon Paul. His shot selection and decision making are still really poor. What makes it worse is that he's a senior. Maybe he gets taken in the 2nd, but I highly doubt he sticks. He's not the type of player that'll be too attractive to high level Euro teams either.

McDermott has the skill, smarts and toughness to be drafted late first and be a rotational player off the bench.

Siva has no shot.

Franklin will likely get drafted, maybe late first, but I don't think he has the skill or smarts to stick in the league. He strikes me as a Terrence Williams-type player. Someone who wants and tries to do a lot of things but probably won't be able to at the next level.

Pressey will be drafted, possibly late late first to early 2nd. He's one of the best floor generals and one of the most creative passers outside of the NBA. I think he can be a solid back up.

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I agree mostly. Thanks for

I agree mostly. Thanks for the response.

I do think Siva can make it though. It may take him a while, but I think he can be an energizer bunny kind of player off of the bench. Has to be the right fit though.

I attribute most of Paul's bad shot selection to his assumption that he is the only shot-maker on the team. Also, being quite strong and athletic, he may feel like he can score at will.

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Aaron Craft- I don't think he

Aaron Craft- I don't think he is nearly good enough offensively to be a defensive specialist in the NBA. He wouldn't even be an elite defender vs. NBA competition. He's WAY too small to guard SGs, and could you imagine him stopping Westbrook or Rose? Stop it...This guy is european league material.

Ryan Harrow- I don't see it. He's just not a very good player. Last year at UK, Teague was 2 years younger and better than Harrow is, and he is barely showing any signs of being a decent NBA player, even down the line. Maybe a super late second rounder.

Brandon Paul- Could sneak into first round. Streaky scorer, but when he is on, his offensive repituare is quite impressive. Hopefully for his sake they can get some W's vs. good competition the rest of the way, and he can put up a couple signature games.

Doug McDermott- Probably late first rounder. Obviously lacks size or athleticism, but there is talent there. Not sure how it will translate though.

Peyton Siva- Seconder rounder, very quick and fast, but way too streaky, he'll already be something like 23 by the time he got drafted, and probably a D leaguer.

Haven't seen enough of the last 2 to formulate a good opinion on.

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Phil Pressey - Top end speed

Phil Pressey - Top end speed and quickness with great passing insticts, but not a guy who is a good jump shooter or efficient scorer. His lack of size is obvious, but his speed and tenacity make up for his height on defense, in college, it will be tougher in the NBA but he won't be a liability. Pressey is also an elite athlete who throws down two handed dunks at 5'10''. He's a smart player who has had success throughout his career, so I think he'll get a shot as a 2nd round pick, but I have my doubts as to whether he'll stick in the NBA. He'll have to work on his shot or find a way to be more than a passer at the next level to stick around, IMO.

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Only guy I've seen

Only guy I've seen consistently is Craft and I think he could have a long career just due to his defense alone. He's seriously just outstanding on that side of the floor. He's not a bad shooter or passer either, so as a bench guy he should last awhile.

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Aaron Craft has already said

Aaron Craft has already said he's pursuing a medical career and doesn't intend to declare for the draft

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Am I

the only one who really sees alot of Ish Smith in Peyton Siva? Virtually identical games and speed. If Ish can stick around as 3rd and occasional 2nd PG for a few teams, why not Siva?

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