This draft seems to be Blake Griffin vs. the also rans

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This draft seems to be Blake Griffin vs. the also rans

Kinda like Tiger Woods vs. the field.

Jordan Hill is 2nd in the latest mock? Say it isn't so. Seems like a pretty ordinary draft after Blake is taken. Deep in decent NBA players....I'll give it that much.

Blake Griffin, Cole Aldrich, Demar Derozan, Wayne Ellington, and Thabeet seem to me to have successful NBA careers awaiting them.

Gets a little less certain after that.

Seems like Teague is falling too much right now. I think he is a top ten guy.

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I don't think griffin will

I don't think griffin will stand out that much. I compare him to kenyon martin, undersized for the position not that athletic and both being consensus 1st overall picks I can see blakes career going the same way unless he can become a better shot blocker and rebounder

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Better Rebounder? He lead

Better Rebounder? He lead the nation in rebounding with 14.4 a game and 504 for the season. What does he have to do to get better? Be more aggressive...NO did you see the play where he dove over the scores table, hes definitely aggressive and has desire to get the ball. With his drive his athleticism his skill and his desire he will be a star in the NBA.

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I actually agree, that is a

I actually agree, that is a very good comparison.

And for the draft, there are alot of people with potential to be great, but no one who is a clear lock to be an all star.

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I dont think its a very good one

Griffin is younger, more athletic, skilled, and hardworking. He isnt a bit undersized for a Power forward, He looks huge on every court he has played on, including Carolina's front line, which is big. He looked in between Hansbrough and Davis in height, so around 6'9 with his unreal build and athleticism and he is perfect sized for the position. He just seems like he is on another level from Martin in every department, If i recall correctly that draft wasn't very strong. I really think this kid is the biggest lock to be succesful in the post that I have seen in recent memory. I think he is a slightly better prospect than Michael Beasley was last year, who has been pretty good and will improve.

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u very very dumb misinformed players

unless yall missed when he hit his head on the backboard or the crazy dbl dbls h was puttin up in the beginning my opinion martin hasn't had a great carrer but he has had a damn good one ...with a legit real pg like kidd he thrived athletic as hell decent skill set...enuff bout martin...avg height for pf is 6 9 seems to me yall sayin he bout that great body no homo athletic as hell ala amare great footwork ball handling he will turb into helluva player 2 year down the line he puttin up elton brabd numbers pre injury....did I say brand o yeah 6 8 brand or 6 9 nene, 6 9 tyrus com on guys heght is important but obviously he at least 6 9 in shoes and will have a great nba carreer

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I think depending on who drafts blake will either help his career or hurt it. But tha kid is a beast no doubt about that.

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The only question I have

The only question I have with Griffin is: Does he have the concentration and muscle memory to shoot 75% from the line? Or is he going to be 60% shooter his career. I say Griffin is between a Boozer and David Lee. + Athlecticism. Doesnt have a consistant midrange jumper IMO.

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Why the hate on Griffin, he is the truth

I always wondered about people saying Kenyon Martin is too short for a power forward. It he draft measuses he is 6 10 in shoes. He may not be big size wise but he seems to have the height but Kenyon Martin Offense is not as good as Griffin's on the inside. Griffin is going to be a beast. Also People who think Beastley is a average or a bust compared to his Rookie stats will see the truth next year. The second year is more important in judging young talent. Also the coach is limited his minutes because of his lack of defense.

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Griffin was stronger and a

Griffin was stronger and a better rebounder than Kenyon Martin coming into the NBA and why is it everyone think that a kid Griffins age cant develop a 15 footer or shoot a better freethrow percentage. I see Griffin as a Shawn Kemp type the early in his career and later he will develop a reliable jumpshot ala Karl Malone. Projected career avg: 22 pts 10 rebs

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this draft is lite

I only see Griffin as a potential all star any time soon, the rest are backups and fringe starters. BTW Griffin will not be a 20/10 guy for his career average. There are only about 10 players who have done that, and many of them played in the past when the pace of the game was higher. In todays game less than 5 people do it each year. I suspect Griffins career numbers will be similar to Boozers about 17ppg and 7-8 rpg although he will have a few 20/10 years under his belt before it is all said and done.

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You are right !!! Teague

You are right !!!

Teague should DEFINETLY be in the top 10.

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Wall or Rubio!!

Wall or Rubio have more star potential..and as has been shown the last few years great pg's are what a team needs to improve and contend!! Paul, Rose, Williams, and Parker. Wall is being touted as a more explosive D Rose and Rubio has already shown he is a great young player who can hang with all of them!! Griffin is a powerful player, who can t hit a 12 foor jumper, which he will need in the league.

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