draft prospect: Walter Tavares

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draft prospect: Walter Tavares

.name: Walter Tavares .hometown: cape verde (1992)

.team: herbalife gran canaria(acb-spanish league-)

.height: 7'3'' (without shoes)

.weight: 265 lbs.

.wingspan: 7'9''

-comments: tavares started to play basketball for the 1st time in 2010 after being discovered in his home country. he's learning very fast and every since he just gets better and better and is more determinant.

he is very long and has pretty good mobility for his size. this year has gained weight and strength. he has huge hands and very good shooting mechanics.

the last 2 games he has exploted averaging 7pts/13.5rb/3bl and 6-6 FT% with 2wins for his team. he's becoming a defensive force rebounding,blocking and altering a lot of shots. his offense is still very raw but every game looks better.

he's quickly drawing attention from many nba teams and trent redden from cleveland was watching him very close his last game.
he'll stay at least 1 more year in spain because he is in a perfect situation to develope as a player. he is playing for a playoff team in the 2nd best league in the world so there's no need to hurry.

i don't know how will that affect his draft stock but still. i think teams will not let this guy drop to the 2nd round, his potential is too big for that..

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