Draft Prospect Profiles

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Draft Prospect Profiles

I just wanted to know, why does it take so long to get some of the player profiles and ratings out there on this site?

To be completely honest, I don't follow college ball as much as I should besides for some of the bigger name players. A lot of the time work and school gets in the way of watching the games at all (even reruns) and there are too many teams/games for me to follow the boxscores for.Once it gets to the outside oft he top 6 or 7 guys, I have general ideas on most of the propsects' play styles up to around the lottery, but even then it's just general ideas. After the lottery, I get completely lost and have to play catch up in the last month before the draft.

That said, can the site admins please focus on the profiles of prospects who are likely to declare this year instead of editing profiles that already exist for players in future drafts? In one of the most coveted drafts in recent memory you'd expect some more profiles up, but there really aren't that many. Some guys I really wanna check up on (like Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and James Young) have nothing up on the profiles yet Emmanuel Mudiay just had his profile revised today. I'm not complaining, just a request from a huge fan of the draft and the allure of seeing the future of the NBA preparing for their pro careers.

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