Draft position worth.

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Draft position worth.

Not suggesting that either of these teams would do this, I am more just curious as to what you guys think each position is worth.

For example....

If Boston got the 3rd pick and the Lakers held steady at 6 would Boston consider swapping picks with the Lakers in order to shed Gerald Wallaces contract??

If the 76ers fell to 3 or 4 would the 3/4 pick plus the 10th pick net them the 1st? Would Orlando's 4th and 12th be worth a 1st or 2nd? Obviously we won't know positions until the order is set (which there should be a count down to the lottery on top of the site as well!) but just kind of curious what everybody thinks.

If a team like Boston really wanted Wiggins and Parker but were gone by the 3rd, and they felt comfortable with someone they could get at 6 (Randle/Vonleh/Smart) is Wallces contract enough to swap with the Lakers?

I personally don't think it is enough, and can never imagine those two teams doing business but I was just spitballing.

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I don't know what will

I don't know what will happen, I just hope there is more trading. The Noel trade was pretty exciting last year. The bargaining agreement makes it kind of hard to make moves and the value of draft picks has skyrocketed. Old execs must be balking at the new prices. That'd makes deals hard to make. There wasn't a flirt of movement last few times out, but maybe execs are excited about specific players this year.

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My Value of Picks

1st overall - 1

2nd overall - .960 (big three, might not get your ideal choice but should still have a choice of wing or big as long as Embiid doesn't go 1st overall)

3rd overall - .900 (bigger drop, you either get stuck with the last of big three or take a gamble on Exum, Randle, etc.)

4th overall - .870 (although there is a bigger dropoff from 3 to 4 than 1 to 2, the team selecting at four still has plenty of options and could land potentially the biggest star in the draft in Exum)

5th overall - .840 (the least dropoff in value so far. They may lose their shot at Exum but can still go big or small with two of Smart, Randle, Vonleh still on the board)

6th overall - .800 (if Smart/Exum or Vonleh/Randle are off the board 6th overall pick may be a dud, but that is unlikely to happen; you still would have your choice here)

7th overall - .720 (you get the scraps of the elite 7 or you could take the gamble on a guy like Gordon or Saric say if a team that isn't in need of a PG selects in this spot and Smart is left. This is similar to the 3rd pick but worse off because you don't get that top 3 talent per say)

8th overall - .680 (you don't a chance at the top seven who I view as a different tier from the rest, but you do get your choice of "the rest" who in most drafts could be a top 5 talent. not a bad spot to pick in at all in this draft)

9th overall - .660 (even less of a dropoff than 4 to 5, if Gordon goes 8th you still have a guy like Saric here if you need a 3/4. If Gary Harris goes 8 you still have a plethora of wings you could roll the dice with at 9. Again not a bad spot to select in the draft. 8 and 9 could be slots teams would be willing to move down from if they select at 3 and 7)

10th overall - .620 (if Gordon and Saric go 8 and 9 you could have less options here at 3/4, particularly 4 as you could go Kyle Anderson here at 3. If you need a wing here, again a solid spot to draft)

11th overall - .600 (plenty of wings available still. Ennis likely would be here if you need a PG. Not going to find your center here unless you took a massive reach on Nurkic. Teams who are looking for center in the 10-12 range might be inclined to move to the 15-18 slots)

12th overall - .560 (Wings begin to thin out here. Sill would have your selection of Ennis most likely. Combo Forwards are thin in this spot, the same with Centers)

13th overall - .520 (Could be without Ennis by this point, still should be able to find a wing, although you wouldn't necessarily have your favorite target here. Could be a spot a team reaches on a center if they fall in love with a guy like Nurkic but unlikely)

14th overall - .510 (One of the better spots in the late lottery because you would be more inclined to reach for a mid level prospect that you love that also fills a need.)

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I think I like what you are

I think I like what you are doing here, but does it seems to me that the 13th amd 14th picks would be worth more combined than the #1. I think in this Draft you need to make 1-3 worth more than 1.5,

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