the draft grade for Miami- at least a B-

The draft grades have Miami with a C+. I think that Miami should have gotten at least a B-. They traded one second round pick this year for two second round picks next year and then they traded one of them for the guy drafted right ahead of the guy they drafted, Patrick Beverley. Pretty smart! Now they have a pick this year and an extra second round pick next year. Miami needed a point guard. That was good. The only reason they did not get an A from me was that they drafted that guy with the last pick. Who is he? There were better players available still at his position. He might not even play in Miami next year. Someone with more talent should have been drafted there. Miami has a long history of bad second round picks. None of them ever turn out any good.

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Someone who actually thinks right about the Heat! I would have got Adrien or McNeal though instead of Dozier, but you never know.

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I think Dozier was a good

I think Dozier was a good pick because he can do a little bit of everything. It's a hard choice between McNeal, Adrien and Dozier because they all bring a lot to the table. Dozier can rebound, defend, hit the open shot, block shots, and has good length at 6'10''. Adrien is a tough defender, good rebounder, can score, but is a little undersized at around 6'6''. McNeal is a good ballhandler and can take it to the rim. At 6'3'' he has good size if you want him to play the point but he's a little undersized for the 2 and doesn't have a good enough shot yet to keep his defender honest. I think Dozier was a good pick because he gives you size and versatility, something miami really lacks. Plus now you can push for a Blount trade and maybe include Joel Anthony as a good rotation player to make the deal better. I think Dozier can provide the same effect for Miami off the bench Anthony did last year. The guard position is crowded as well with Wade, Quinn, Chalmers and Cook. In the end, you can always invite McNeal and Adrien to Summer League if they really like them that much.

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