This Draft Is Getting Real Interesting By The Day

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This Draft Is Getting Real Interesting By The Day

I was reading an article on that stated, UCLA's freshmen point guard, J'rue Holiday, will enter the 2009 NBA Draft, despite a underachieving freshmen season. Holiday main job on the team, was to lock down opposing teams best guard...His play in high school should, let GM's forget about his less than stellar freshmen year and draft him off potential...I personally think he should return for his sophomore year, and develop more...He has a chance to go in the top 10 in the 2010 draft..I really think next season, with Collison gone and Holiday running the point full time, he could develop into the second coming of Gary Payton...If he enters this year, he will not be in the top 15..The only way I see Holiday moving up his stock is if, he outplays Jeff Teague, Brandon Jennings, Ricky Rubio, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, AJ Price, and/or perphaps Jonny Flynn in workouts

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I think Holiday would really benefit by staying another year. I, personally, am not blow away by the young man. I have only seen him play once and was solid. I hear that he is solid in about almost every aspect of the game but lacks anything to blow you away with. However both espn and both ranked him as the 4th best prospect coming out of high school.

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Jrue NEEDS to go back. He still needs to learn how to play the point. I know some people like to point out that Russell Westbrook never ran the point at UCLA, but Westbrook is also an elite level athlete. Holiday is an above average athlete at best. Also, what is his jumper like? I haven't been able to get a feel for what his real range is. Anyway, an extra year where he would be the focal point of the team would do wonders for Holiday.

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yes i heard that

like I said, this is amazing draft of point guards!...and for Jrue, he is really really good defender also don't forget Westbrook in same team, with same Collison, in same SG position, and also wasn't good scorer, now 16ppg plus huge pther stats, maybe the same thing will be with Jrue, and he can shoot threes..

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Coming back

Greg Monroe all ready said he's coming back... So is Summers

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Unless his family is in trouble he should come back...

I really feel like he should come back. The Russell comparison isn't working for me because Westbrook LOCKED people up, dunked on people, and ran the PG when Collison went out. J'rue guards the other team's best player but by far not a lock down defender. He has the talent but didn't insert himself as he should at UCLA. I can name 7 PG's that I would take before him right now. NBA teams are really getting away from drafting on potential and is drafting more on production.

Demar DeRozan has really showed his talent this past month. He is really producing and his IQ is better than advertised. I think if USC can win a few more games in the tourney he should come out. Also, his mother is not in great shape so the smart thing for him might be to go ahead and come out.

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jrue is solid but not going

jrue is solid but not going to be a star. And to think coming out of high school some scouts were comparing him to DWAYNE WADE! But on another not he will be a decent player, one thing thats holding him back is that he doesnt fit ucla's system and yes he must have the ball in his hands to be effective. He is not an off the ball player.

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Yeah, so much depth at pg

Yeah, so much depth at pg and then a lot of players with great potential DeRozan, Clark, Aminu, etc.

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1 more

Holiday needs at least a year, even though what he did in high school was amazing he needs to stay one more year in college. With their point guard levaing, i think his name is collison? holiday will be running the show next year and he'll have a real chance to show what he can do and get numbers like he was gettuing in H.S.

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Ordinary Player

He plays just like the average freshman. He has the most over hyped player since Lance Thomas signed with Duke. He looks like a 4 year player to me. He is just like so many other players in college,I have never understood the hype about him,even when I watched him play in the McDonalds game and 1 time on ESPN. I dont get why people think he is so good. What does he do thats soooo amazing?!

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