draft effects of yesterdays trades

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draft effects of yesterdays trades

san antonio - milwaukee (thomas, bowen, oberto for jefferson)
san antonio doesn't have a first round pick in this year's draft, so unloads expiring contracts for younger talent.
milwaukee gets expiring contracts the can be used at the trade deadline or next year's free agency.
draft effect - none, milwaukee is still looking to draft either a pg or pf.

milwaukee - detroit (oberto for johnson)
milwaukee gets young pf prospect in amir johnson.
detroit gets proven back-up center.
draft effect - opens flexibility for detroit to draft a james johnson/earl clark to fill amir's spot, in case bj mullins is gone (who detroit reported gave a guarantee).

minnesota - washington (foye, miller for 5th pick, thomas, songalia, pecherov)
minnesota gets much needed length on front court and 5th pick.
washington gets a perfect compliment to arenas in foye and miller, shooters that are unselfish and can spread the floor.
draft effect - minnesota is full at frontcourt and now can draft at the 2 strongest positions in this year's draft (point guard and wings). i predict steph curry and tyreke evans will be the picks, assuming both are still there. they compliment both very well.

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I 100% agree. Evans and

I 100% agree. Evans and Curry are the picks. I also think at 28, they will go Euro to stay under tax.

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actually detroit will

actually detroit will apparently waive fabricio oberto to free up cap space so the pistons may yet pick mullens

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