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anybody no of any draft day trades that may or may not happen besides shaq to Cleavland?

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kaman for the #12 possibly?

kaman for the #12 possibly?

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Shaq to Cleveland hmm

Shaq to Cleveland will not happen, Suns already said they want more than just to dump his salary.
If Suns were to trade anyone it would be Amare.

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Portland Come to Mind

As usual, Portland will be one of the bussiest teams in this year's draft. Jerryd Bayless, Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster could be moved and there are rumours that Sergio Rodriguez will be dealt to the Knicks on draft night.

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I have 2

OKC drafts Rubio and trades to Sac for Harden and #24
Washington drafts Hill and trades him to Dallas for their pick (22 I think) and Stackhouse

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Excuse me?? We want

Excuse me?? We want stackhouse for any reason including being able to free up cap space next season??? That would be GM Suicide on Ernie Grunsfeld's part, we get worse, far worse. Were trying to be good this upcoming season, we have pieces in place...gilbert (PLEASE BE HEALTHY) arenas, caron butler, antawn jamison, and blatche. I really would like to ship the 5th pick out and get some veteran player, preferably a shooter. If we keep the pick, the only player that truly makes sense to me at 5 is Harden. Smooth player that makes others wayyy better and knows exactly how to play the game.Of course if thabeet were to drop down we'd have to jump on him most likely. Possibly move back in the draft and get Curry, because I just dont think he's 5th pick material. I think hes awesome, a great shooter, great basketball mind, but I just dont know about 5th pick. I also totally approve moving back in the draft for Dejuan Blair, hes determined and has the wide frame to be a valuable role player for a contending team.

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Shaq to Cleveland could happen

I honestly think it has 50% chance of getting done... I think you add JJ Hickson, and either this year or next year's first rounder and it gets done,

However, i would way rather have Shaq to the bulls for Either Luol Deng or Tyrus Thomas and filler... then the Suns actually get better.

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