Draft Day Trade Dal/Det

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Draft Day Trade Dal/Det

I've read posts that says the Pistons are trying to get rid of some money so i taught i would out this deal and see what ya'll have to say about it.

Dallas Gets: Detroit Trades
Amir Johnson or Jason Maxiell

Detroit Gets: Dallas Trades

Reason For Doing Trades:
Dallas: They are able to get the player they want by moving up in the draft. To get ahead of the other teams that are also in need of a young pg Philly, Atlanta, Minny, NO as a backup.They also gets two players to solidify their PF position which means they won't need Bass anymore even though he is better than both.

Detroit: Are able to cut more money on a long contract of Maxiell's and Johnson. Get a player they can cut and save money on while also still choosing the player they want even though i think they would be better interested in just getting out of the draft. Not that many great players in this draft. They will also have more money to spend this summer likely to also solidify their PF position they can sign both Boozer and Bass(MLE).

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as a pistons fan, i

as a pistons fan, i can't say this makes a whole lot of sense. trading up makes a little bit of sense, but trading down, none at all. at 15, the pistons can get a player that they won't be able to get at 22. there's always the chance a really good prospect will slip just out of the lottery. they can get a nice point guard at 15 (teague, possibly, lawson, or maynor) who may not be available at 22. or a developing big like blair or b.j. mullens. or the best available player (budinger, terrence williams, earl clark.) i like the idea of dumping max and/or amir because for whatever reason (possibly because they don't watch these guys on a regular basis) i think they still have trade value. neither's contract is ridiculous. a team desperate for bigs might trade an expiring contract, picks, or prospects for either guy. both are young and the league loves potential.

honestly, if i'm joe d. i examine the possiblity of trading up to get rubio. nobody seems truly interested in him until sacto at 4. if memphis takes thabeet at 2, okc makes a nice trading partner. detroit could trade either rip or a young big and the 15th pick along with a future first rounder and get a pass first point guard who could allow stuckey to slide over to his more natural shooting guard position. add a couple good free agent bigs and the pistons go from re-building to re-loading...

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why trade down? it doesn't make sense. the rookie salary difference between the 15th and the 22nd is very small, why swap them? amir johnson can block a shot even if he plays only 5mins (a little exaggerated but he had some games like that in the past). he's also very young so he's still got some upside. pistons have enough money to pay boozer (if they do want him), rasheed and ai's contracts are expiring. why get bass with the MLE??

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New rule: If you're a fan of

New rule: If you're a fan of a team you're only allowed 1 trade proposal involving that team per day.

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Why would the Pistons Give away Amir or Max for a Jerry Stackhouse he is old what Detroit needs is youth you nned veterans but 50% of out team is vets.

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