Down on Bazz but High on BMac?

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Down on Bazz but High on BMac?

I've been seeing a lot of posts about Shabazz Muhammad not producing so far and not being an NBA-ready player. I've been supporting Shabazz since last season, and I still remain very high on him. I predicted that he will be 1st team All Rookie and has a fair chance at being ROY.
I dont understand, and never have understood where ALL of the negative feelings towards Shabazz's game come from. I saw on one post where a guy said he struggled in College. How did he struggle as a Freshman in Ben Howland's system that put up 18ppg and 5rpg shooting 44%? That is not struggling at all. That should really stop being said. His numbers were very similar to Ben Mcclemore, who people are so so high on.
I accept the criticism about his ball handling. He's not a fancy dribbler and has to improve on creating his shot. He averaged 1 assist so I'll accept he doesn't create for others. However he's good at what he does.
Through the 1st 3 summer league games, he hadnt had a spectacular performance, so people have been down on him. Even though he wasnt making shots, he still looked like a fit to me. He moves without the ball, and he's very decisive with the ball. He runs the floor, and he's active. He's looked strong going to the rack, and he takes good shots. Mclemore hasnt looked bad to me at all. He's also moved well without the ball, made some shots, and shown flashes of what he can be. However, I dont see anything that he's done better than Bazz besides play more mins and take more shots. BMac doesnt look strong at all going to the rack. He cant create for himself either. But from listening to people compare him and Shabazz, you'd think that he is lightyears ahead of Bazz.
B Mac
Gm1 - 31mins 11pts 4-23fg 1-11 3pt 5rbs
Gm2 - 32mins 14pts 4-12fg 1-7 3pt 4rbs
Gm3 - 31mins 26pts 8-14fg 3-6 3pt 2rbs
Gm4- 21mins 1pt 0-8fg 0-3 3pt 5rbs
Gm1 - 25mins 7pts 3-7fg 1-3 3pt 1rb
Gm2 - 23mins 8pts 3-9fg 1-4 3pt 2rbs
Gm3 - 20mins 7pts 3-10fg 1-1 3pt 3rb
Gm4 - 19mins 17pts 6-10fg 3-4 3pt 4rbs

From those stats, I dont see how people can realistically say all of this positive stuff about Mclemore but have so much much negative to say about Bazz. I just dont get how it can be drawn from watching them play.

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I'm in complete agreement.

I'm in complete agreement. Bazz and McLemore are a lot more similar than people realise, but because McLemore is a better athlete (because he's actually in shape) he gets a lot more hype.

Also, something you didn't mention is that McLemore is just as bad as Bazz at creating for others, and hasn't had a single assist in Summer League thus far.

After finally watching Bazz play a SL game, he wasn't always looking to score, was actually over-passing a bit trying to shed the selfish tag but his jump-shot looked amazing and his decisiveness when coming off screens and in catch-and-shoot situations means he has plenty of room to get his shot off.

If Bazz ever regains the shape he had in high school (which I expect he will) then he could have a lot of people looking foolish.

I still don't see the hype with McLemore, he reminds me of Wesley Johnson.

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Ben doesn't

Ben doesn't really have a off the dribble game at this point he's use to spotting up, running the lane on the break, or getting all the way to the rim on straight line drives.. he's out his comfort zone now that he has to create space to get his shot off..he's a freak athlete though something bazz isn't and fluid with the ball so once his handle gets better he'll be fine

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Probably has something to do

Probably has something to do with Shabazz having his ass pampered from childhood to a highschool senior. Where as Mclemores story is a lot more likable. Nobody like a spoiled kid and that where the hate and nitpicking comes from

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Comment please

I've gotten 5negs on this post already. I dont mind the negs, but at least leave a response. I really want to know what people like about B Mac's game in comparison to Bazz's.

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people here neg for no reason, personally, I get negs for being greek..

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Ben has had a pretty bad

Ben has had a pretty bad summer league performance so far outside of the Raptors game. It's almost like he's doing the complete opposite of what made him successful at KU. I still think he'll look better during the season when you put him with guys like Vasquez & Cousins.

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completely outplayed ben today. ben had 1 point on a free throw, he was 0-8 from the field with 2 turnovers. shabazz had 17 points on a good shooting day.

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Nothing against Bazz but ...

T'Wolves are going to be a play-off contender and Shabazz won't be the guy to take them there. I see him playing limited minutes off the bench as a backup for KMart so ROY is out of the question. I'm not saying he's worse than BMac or bad at all, but he comes to the NBA on a stuffed team and he'll have to fight for minutes on the court. On the other hand McLemore is going to start for the King ,they will not chase the playoffs and he's going to be 1st to 2nd scoring option for his team. Sooner or later his shooting will get on track and he'll put up respectable numbers like 14-15 ppg ending up in the all-rookie 1st team.

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Not really a fan of either

Not really a fan of either guy,I think Oladipo will have the better career.I still hope the best for both,but heres a q about Bazz....if his work ethic is as good as some of his fans say,how come he still cant go right,and how come he still cant regain the shape he had in high school? Very curious how his fans answer this,instead of negging

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the difference between these

the difference between these guys in the future as in most cases is going to be the work ethic and how much they are willing to listen and learn. the right coach and system could do wonders for a guy like Bazz. I think B-Mac will be more of a system player. As far as offensive worth, they arent far apart IMO. Once they get into the season, I think their career comparisons will be defined by who is able to play defense well enough to keep them on the floor as they improve in other areas.

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To be honest, I think

To be honest, I think McLemore, Bazz and KCP will all be pretty productive NBA shooting guards. I still think Ben has the most potential due to his athletic ability, but I think the next step (pre-season) will be a much better indicator. They've all struggled with efficiency and decision making, but they've all broken out for big games. Looking at all of them, I think they're pretty even in their summer league performances.

Ben's biggest problem has been that when he's off he's shooting 25 footers instead of getting to the line and trying to get his game going with easier shots.

Bazz's biggest problem has been defensively, hes' gonna struggle, but his offensive tools are there and he finally showcased them last night.

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The summer league in no way

The summer league in no way connects to the season to come. The reason Muhammad is less likely to have an immediate impact in Minnesota than McLemore is in Sacramento is that the Timberwolves just signed Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, and Corey Brewer while also returning Alexey Shved who might still see some minutes at the 2. Regardless as to how good one thinks Minnesota is going to be, they are an expensive team (probably get close to the tax line once the deal with Pekovic gets completed) that will not just hand minutes to their rookies just because they were first round picks.

Sacramento is trying to reshape its rebuilding effort with higher character, lower maintenance players to surround DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore. Mbah a Moute, Greivis Vasquez, Carl Landry, and Patrick Patterson are not selfish players. Vasquez will move the ball, and is the best thing to happen to McLemore and Thornton. Ball movement is the best friend of a shooter. Mbah a Moute will defend, crash the glass, and pass the ball. When he is healthy and knocking down those 15-footers teams leave him to take, he is an incredibly valuable player. Landry and Patterson are good hard working guys. The whole thing will only project to work, though, if Cousins and McLemore play up to their potential. Even if Marcus Thornton plays better than McLemore early on, they won't go away from him. The Kings have seen where they are as a team when Thornton averages 18 per game, and even if he shoots better so that it becomes 20 the big picture does not change.. They could become a good team down the line if McLemore does.

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