Doug Mcdermott and the new Big East

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Doug Mcdermott and the new Big East

Hey everybody
Just wanted to talk about a few things on my mind. First, as a Creighton fan, Doug Mcdermott has just been unbelievable these past 3 years, and would love to have him back for his senior year. Interestingly enough, he may have the most unique "going Pro" decision I have ever heard of. As Andy Katz and SI have reported in recent days, Creighton is a favorite to be the 10th team added (behind Xavier and Butler) to the new Big East (yes, supposedly they will be buying the name) and will play in the conference this fall, if the dominoes do fall this way. Wouldn't everyone involved love to see him bring his 23 and 8 game into a conference season playing the likes of Marquette, Georgetown, Villanova, St. Johns (who will be better next year) and more?
OF COURSE. But the cons MAY outweigh the pros.
THE CONS: He loses two major players on Creightons's team as graduating seniors (Grant Gibbs and Gregory Echenique). The draft this year is going to be much worse than next year's crop. If he can get a guaranteed contract at the end of the first round, I dont see him passing that up. The question is, is he a 1st round pick? By most accounts he is on the fringe, and largely is an inch or two too short, and too-slow footed on defense. He has improved his handles and added a step back, but I dont think either of these are capable for the 3 at the next level. Every team does need a shooter and guy who can get hustle points. So I dont know what to think about this whole situation, and most likely, neither does he.
Becoming a top five scorer in the history of college basketball, and the best to ever wear a creighton jersey (which he may already be). Jerry West's record is obviously out of reach, but 2nd is at ~3200 points, about 1,100 points away from his current point total.
Ushering in a new era at Creighton with his father in the Big East, and possibly (maybe not likely) boosting his draft stock. His family obviously doesn't need the money either.

What do you guys think? Is he a first round pick? Staying or Going, in this predicament?
And all you Big East people out there...I know you guys may be split about Creighton joining the Big East, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the inclusion as well.


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I really think he needs to

I really think he needs to strike while the irons hot especially in such a weak draft. I mean if his end goal is playing in the NBA I think he needs to go while he can. I still think he's going to slip into the 2nd round anyway.

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He could goofiest but I'm

He could go first but I'm afraid more athletic wings will kill him in workouts; guys like Poythress, Porter, and Robertson.

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Yeah, he better stay for his

Yeah, he better stay for his senior year because he'll have much better luck going against Parker and Wiggins in workouts, right? Haha...

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While most prospects are just

While most prospects are just trying to get to the NBA and have a nice college career, and while in most cases I agree with them, in this case you have a chance to be one of the most storied college players ever, and you are playing for your Dad. I say he should say and make his college career the best and then focus on the pros. And even if it hurts his stock a little, 30 years from now do you think he'll care about becoming one of the best scorers in college ever, or whether he hurt his stock by 10 picks by not going pro.

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McDermott is one of those players that if u went by production you would take him in the first round with no problem. People keep talking about athleticism and other things but I'm a firm believer that if a kid can score then he can score no matter what level. I feel like McDermott could go to a team with a system like the spurs and become a star. Im they knock Doug for the competition he faces but he drops an efficient 30 on solid programs as well. If I'm a GM in THIS draft class I for sure take a flyer on him. I mean what's the worst that can happen if u draft him late first round? He ends up like Adam Morrison? I think not

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Its maravichs scoring record

Its maravichs scoring record not jerry wests

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