Doug Mcdermott

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Doug Mcdermott

Really like this guys game. Everybody knows by now he was teammates of Harrison Barnes at Ames High School in Iowa. Having himself a great college career and I think he will have a really good senior season. Of course he has athletic limitations which will hurt his draft stock and really hurt him at the defensive end of the floor at the next level. He's not Larry Bird, since all 6-7, 6-8 skilled white guy see to get compared to Larry Legend. How'd that work for Adama Morrison? Coaches son, very skilled guy who I think will have a solid NBA career.

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This site currently has him

This site currently has him in the lottery with the 14th pick.

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To me, the only way he gets

To me, the only way he gets into the lottery is if he gets something ridiculous like 30 ppg. He was projected as a late first rounder last year, so in this year's deep draft, I doubt he rises any higher.

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Adam Morrison was the worse

Adam Morrison was the worse thing that couldve happened to guys like Doug. Teams are scared to go near a guy with his skill set because no one is sure whether their skills can translate. But I think at the least Doug will make a good specialist shooter, ala Steve Novak, and will see minutes even if he is a turnstile defender and cant create any offence. Best case scenario he is a Peja Stojakavic kind of guy, good shooter with nice size and highly efficient. Either way, I really love Dougs game, easily my favorite college player of the current generation. Hoping for him to have a big year.

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Morrison was having a decent

Morrison was having a decent rookie year until he tore his ACL, not saying he was going to live up to expectations but his career was derailed by injury that he never caught up, to a certain degree at least.

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Yah. I feel bad for the guy.

Yah. I feel bad for the guy. I'm sure if injuries were not a factor then I'm sure Morrison would have a job in the NBA now and would be a decent role player, and had he lived up to his expectations, a profilic scorer in the league.

Same goes for guys like Shaun Livingston, Greg Oden, Sam Bowie, etc

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What about a comparison to

What about a comparison to Wally World? I haven't seen much of McDermott but I think I've seen him show a post game, something Szczerbiak displayed once in a while too.

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No support

I cant find any support to back this up, but I think I remember he was getting a lot of praise at the team USA practices. I think that was great for him it terms of helping teams have some idea if his skill set can translate to the NBA.

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IMO he plays a lot like

IMO he plays a lot like Antawn Jamison. He can score inside and out and although he is undersized, he rebounds fairly well for his size. He scores on a lot of those weird shots around the rim like Jamison does as well. He is clearly a better shooter than Jamison while Jamison is more athletic and mobile. He likely won't have as prolific a career, but that is who his skill set reminds me of in terms of the NBA.

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I know Creighton games are

I know Creighton games are not on Ntnl TV very much, but they get broadcast on regional TV where I live, so I've seen him a lot over the years. What gets left out is Doug's post game and motor. He's not afraid to go blue collar at times, which is why I think he'll find a role in the league. He's far from a one dimensional shooter like Novak.

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Doug McDermott has no

Doug McDermott has no business going in the lottery. The lottery is for guys who do at least two things at an NBA level.

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