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Doug McDermott

Glad to hear he's going back. Honestly, I think he was a second rounder this year and next. I get the argument that he can't possibly improve his stock, but passing up the chance to be NPOY and lead Creighton to a Cinderella run in the tourney just to fight for a spot on an NBA roster seems foolish. I think a lot of teams will draft internationals in the middle to lower half of the first round (Schroeder, Jean-Charles, Karasev, Gobert, Nogueira, maybe Jaiteh) that McDermott would have battled a dozen or so college prospects for one or two spots (Crabbe, Deshaun Thomas, Goodwin, Erick Green, etc.).

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Difficult to say

I think this year he could have been a late first rounder... next year is a totally different draft and to go in the first he will have to do a great season. Not sure this decision is the best for him but it is a brave decision. Respect.

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This was already
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