Doug McDermott

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Doug McDermott

With the NBA's pre season being cut into and no sight for an end of the lockout, I've made the switch to college basketball mode. I was reading an article today on about Creighton's team this year and a guy who kind of caught my eye was Doug McDermott.

A 6'7'' 210 lb coach's son who averaged 11.3 ppg in FIBA U19 this last summer, and coming off a 14.9 ppg 7.2 rpg freshman season in which he shot 52% 40% from 3 and 75% from the line. Doesn't look like a big time lottery prospect, but definately someone who could surface as a late 1st or early 2nd round pick after his Jr. or Sr. season.

I watched him play once last year and he's really fundamentally sound and kind of a workhorse type player with average athleticism. I just didn't realize he ended his freshman year with such high averages. He was just a 3 star player out of high school, but I think he'll shine at Creighton and I agree with Andy Katz, who wrote the article I read, that Creighton will be back in the NCAA tournament so he'll get an opportunity to get some national attention.

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Doug can ball

His dad, Greg, is Creighton's coach, but this is not a case of nepotism. The Ducks and Creighton played each other in the CBI, and Doug left a big impression. He is an inside/outside combo forward, can pretty much do it all. I was really impressed with his outside shooting, not to mention the high shooting percentage. He is a strong rebounder and I expect him to up his scoring and boarding this upcoming season.

I see him probably being a 4 year player, as he kind of is in between positions. His athleticism is decent, but not out of this world. Definitely was an under the radar type guy, though he had pretty big expectations. Scouting systems do not always get it right, I guess there is only so much you can see and predict. Still, I feel like sometimes guys get rated on the school they sign with (not, always, but it happens), and I feel that was the case for Doug. I agree with your assessment of where he will potentially be picked, think he could indeed be on a NBA roster after a couple or more years of school.

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Mcderrmont and Echinique is a

Mcderrmont and Echinique is a big time duo for Creighton. I think Creighton could make it to the sweet sixteen with them this year.

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