Donatas Motiejunas

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Donatas Motiejunas

I think that several teams n tha Lottery shuld take a very hard look @ this kid, and if u watched tha Hoop Summit game u shuld kno that this kid can seriously ball, also he is very young (only 18 years old)..... I've heard comparisons of tha next Toni Kukoc or Dirk Nowitzki......... This kid is 7'0 wif a sweet stroke.... but on tha other hand if ur a GM u have to be very careful selecting international players, alot of them end up being complete bust (Nikoloz Tskitishvili just to name 1 lol) alot of their games jus dnt translate to tha NBA, i think mayb its to fast past for them, so what r ur opinions on this kid next superstar, or tha common international BUST!!!

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I was trying to watch the

I was trying to watch the hoop summit game but I guess my cable co didnt have the channel. Whaaaaack >thats a hoop summit recap

Dontanas was 5 of 15 from the feild that doesnt seem good. Was he taking jumpers or banging down low? Being a 7 footer with touch I think he should mold himself into Pau type rather then Dirk. Shot good from the line. IF he somehow came out this year I'd say he's a top 5 pick.

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I didnt see any of the game

I didnt see any of the game but i read his stat line and from what he did against the best of our High School kids is pretty impressive.

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