Does Shaq retire this summer?

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Does Shaq retire this summer?

If not where could he end up?

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He can't help a team anymore.

He can't help a team anymore.

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Shaq is gone

I think he tanked for the fans who hate Lebron....Naw 4 real He'll become a big time sheriff and get a reality show cleaning up the mean streets of Louisiana...

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I read somewhere he thinks he got 3 years left in him because he was hurt for so many games.
no making this up.
i think he should hang it up an do tv,
but Shaq loves stealing money from NBA owner promising them chips

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I think Shaq should retire

I think Shaq should retire simply because I don't want to see him go out as a bench scrub. However, I do think he could play for two or three more seasons in a reduced role.

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He could go to the Thunder

He could go to the Thunder for a year or 2 then retire.. That's assuming he will go cheap and accept a very reduced role.

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Hes done, or he can go be a

Hes done, or he can go be a non factor on another team and retire mid season.

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Despite being 37 Shaq is

Despite being 37 Shaq is still better than 70% of the centers in this league..Some team will sign him just to sell tickets..But He's still unstoppable if he gets the ball within 5 feet of the basket..And as he showed in the just completed Boston series, he can still get opposing big men in foul trouble..But he's lost his quickness & ability to move his feet on defense..I think he should re-sign with Cleveland for 1 year..Then before the season starts he should announce that the 2010-2011 season will be his last..And throughout every area in the league they should show him love..Maybe have his jersey retired by the Lakers & Heat..Dr. J,Jordan,Kareem & a few others were showered with love during their farewell tour..Shaq could've been the best center ever if he was dedicated...Dude has been great for the game..I'll hate to see him still trying to play at age 40 and getting waive..He deserves better than that..

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