Does the OKC Thunder have a better "nucleus" than the LAC?

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Does the OKC Thunder have a better "nucleus" than the LAC?

I watched alot of basketball this past season and I see that LAC gives OKC trouble. OKC is already a TITLE contender, but lets analyze both "Nucleus'". OKC has Durant, R WEST, J Harden, Ibaka, Perk, maynor. The LAC has Blake (top 3) PF in the league (1st if his D improves) E Gordon (top 5 SG in IMO if he stays healthy), Aminu (very solid SF and improving), D Jordan (top 5 center "potential") Needs to work on low post moves but Defensively top 5, E bledsoe (here's the key. If he becomes a solid Starting pg aka "mark jackson" type with (elite athleticism) and he showed flashes* last year then i find it hard to believe they can't compete with anyone in this league. Plus you add vets such as mo williams, moon, rhyno smith, gomes, add a free agent shooter they might be close. The thing that might hold them back is vinny del negro. I find it hard to believe boozer made the difference in CHI. And of Course Donald Sternling. What do you guys think.?

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