Does KD retire a thunder?

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Does KD retire a thunder?

Durantula has three years left on his contract. Does he stay with the thunder? After that awful Harden trade, the team took a big stepback. The front office is hoping their young players, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones, step up. I think Lamb is a little overrated and struggled even in the D-League. Westbrook already tore his ACL and who knows if he'll ever be the same.

Where do you see Durant in two-three years?

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Lamb averaged 21 ppg on 49%

Lamb averaged 21 ppg on 49% shooting in the D-League, I don't know if I would call that "struggling." And Westbrook didn't tear his ACL last year, he had an LCL tear, which is a lot less serious. As far as KD's future goes, I think it's a little too early to speculate on this, but if I had to guess I would think he stays in OKC after his contract expires. He has the chance to contend for a title every year, has no locker room issues and he seems to genuinely enjoy being a member of the thunder.

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Well According to Jalen Rose,

Well According to Jalen Rose, he predicts Durant will Join the Rockets in

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Lol Jalen Rose also predicted

Lol Jalen Rose also predicted Michael Jordan will play a game for the bobcats this year.

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Retire or after Current contract?

KD has a long career ahead of him. If you are asking if he is with the Thunder after his current contract, I say yes. If he will retire a member of the Thunder, hard to say. With the current salary and structure of free agency, I think there is a very good chance he plays for someone other than the Thunder at some point in his career.

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Anything is possible. Way I

Anything is possible. Way I look at it, until a guy's career is all said and done, there is is always a chance of a player not retiring with his original team. Prime example is Paul Pierce who many thought he was retiring a celtic.

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I think it is possible. But

I think it is possible. But it depends how things pan out. If Steven Adams develops and Westbrook comes back to top form then yes.

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People blow the James Harden

People blow the James Harden thing out of proportion, Ok they gave away the top SG in the L for nothing, we all understand that.

But to say that the team took a big step back is crazy, the thunder finished 60-22 last season best record they have ever had, doing it without Harden, and had Westbrook not got hurt OKC was looking like they were back on their way to the finals.

Now in regards to the topic, I think Durant leaves only if OKC can't win a title by the time 2016 rolls around.

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I think the reason people say

I think the reason people say they're going to take a huge step back this season is because when you go from Harden to K Martin to Jeremy Lamb, you're not going to be as good as you used to be.

Granted, Durant and Westbrook are much better than they were two seasons ago but this bench that OKC has is pretty weak compared to what they had the year they went to the finals.

You go from 17-4-4 with Harden.. to 14-2-1 with Martin.. to a 2nd year guy that's spent half their time in the D-League, that's taking a step back.

Westbrook, Durant, and Ibaka are the core of this team but Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb's improvements will dictate whether or not they go to the Finals this season.

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KD has a low key mentality.

KD has a low key mentality. So, I think he will be more likely to stay with his team unlike, say LeBron or even Carmelo Anthony. Durant is the KING of Oklahoma City. If he leaves OKC to go to the Lakers then he will be just another Lakers great. Kareem, Magic, and Kobe have won 5 rings with the Lakers. What if Durant doesn't get that? He will be "just another Lakers Superstar" instead of the GOAT of the Thunder franchise.

Also, he has less pressure on him than LeBron did before he bolted to Miami. Durant has been to the Finals (like a young LeBron), but he gets a pass for losing James Harden last year and then Russell Westbrook missed playoff games last year and will be coming off an injury this year. So he gets a bit of a pass last year AND this year.

If he can take his team to the Finals this year then it won't be a big disappointment if he loses again, especially if it is against the Heat or Bulls. And, I think a full strength Thunder squad gets to the Finals in 2015. The West is deep now, but I think that the Spurs and Grizzlies will see their championship window begin to close by 2015.

LeBron is the number one guy in the league -- which lets Durant sit back a bit without all the focus on him. LeBron is burdened by having to carry the LEAGUE. Durant doesn't have to do that. He is one of the NBA's Big Three with LeBron and Rose. He's one of the guys without having to be THE GUY.

If Durant does leave where would he go? His options may be limited to the Lakers where he would be just another Lakers Legend. And, who would he have around him? ... he's in a great spot with the Thunder. He has a legit superstar with him in Russell Westbrook and a good third option in Serge Ibaka. Along with that, they have a nice balance of solid vets in the rotation like Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins, and Nick Collison, along with some promising young guys like Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Steven Adams, Perry Jones, and even Hasheem Thabeet.

Durant's in a great spot. He is on the short list this season for MVP (basically just him and LeBron and maybe Derrick Rose). Unless the Thunder SEVERELY underperform in the next two playoffs I don't see much pressure getting to Durant.

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Hell definitely retire on the

Hell definitely retire on the bucks

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To answer your question

a player playing with just one team their whole career is rare. Doesn't happen often so no he wont RETIRE a member of the Thunder. It's obvious that's not your real question. In a nutshell he stays for the DURAiton of his next contract after that it's up in the air depending on team success.

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