Does Duke's Brian Zoubek Has What It Takes To Be a NBA Prospect?

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Does Duke's Brian Zoubek Has What It Takes To Be a NBA Prospect?

The more I watch Duke Blue Devils games, is the more I see that 7'1 center, Brian Zoubek, working his tail off each and every game, after not playing much his first two seasons at Durham. At 15 minutes a game, he's averaging a respectable 7.5 points, 5 boards, 1 block, while shooting 63% from the field, and 83% from the free throw line. Those numbers won't have scouts drooling, but if he can produce those numbers in 15 minutes, imagine how much he can produce in about 32 minutes a game. I see him being a second round pick in the 2010 draft.

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I think he's alright

I think he's alright, you teach size and he definitely has that. I that he's shown that he responds to coaching, because when he first got there I thought it would be a waste of a scholarship. Not that he was that bad just use to them having guys like Boozer,Williams,and Brand. But he proved me wrong and the fact that most guys his size these days want to drift to the perimeter he has a pretty good chance to make some money in the league.Look if Nesterovic and J.Foster can stay in the league for 10 plus years that shows you if guys show a lot of effort they can stick around for a while.Plus he's a high percentage shooter from the field and the line. That can come in handy especially for a back up center. So I can see somebody taking a chance on him, why not.

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He could be a good D-Leaguer

He could be a good D-Leaguer

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Teammates Malik Hairston and Maarty Luenen unexpectedly heard their names called but Taylor didn’t.
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Siirler Hikayeler Fikralar Programlar Guzel Sozler Resimler freetemplates Taylor was arguably Oregon’s best player last season, but his 6-foot-4 frame makes him a undersized at the next level. Nonetheless, his scoring ability, length and athleticism give him a chance to make in in the league.

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