Does BJ Young evolve into a PG?

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Does BJ Young evolve into a PG?

or he will he remain a 6'3 sg?

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Man I think he'll remain

Man I think he'll remain primarily a sg, but I think its better for us to just call him a guard. With how the nba is going now, I could easily see him growing into a player thats coming off a bench playing off the ball besides a distributing pg. He reminds me of kinda of Jason Terry, just a guard you put out there that will hunt shots and score. Although scouts would probably want to see him play at the 1 a lil bit, to be that interchangeable guy in the back court that can run a team a little as well.

We may never see him play exclusively as a point guard in college since it seems he's at his best when he's just looking to score, and his team will need so and the coaches will more than likely use him in that capacity. He should in the drive and dish game since at times it seems like he can get to the lane at will.

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I doubt he ever becomes a

I doubt he ever becomes a player who can run an offense. He's just wired to score. I think he projects to be more of a 3rd guard. He'd be great on a team with a primary ball-handler at another position.

I think he'll be able to guard PGs easily, so if that's how you classify a PG, then yes, he can be a PG.

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