Does anyone else think that Rondae Hollis Jefferson, will jump to the pros after the tournament?

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Does anyone else think that Rondae Hollis Jefferson, will jump to the pros after the tournament?

This site doesn't have him declaring, until 2015. Could he make the leap and be a high First Round pick, as a Freshman? He has all of the raw tools, to eventually become a starting NBA SF. He appears to be taller than PF Aaron Gordon (my guess is hes 6'8.25" w/o shoes). Thoughts?

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Its crazy the similarities I

Its crazy the similarities I see between him and Iggy. Down to the college they attend!

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Hollis-Jefferson reminds me

Hollis-Jefferson reminds me ALOT of Lance Stephenson!!

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I dont think so

I just don't think a team will use a 1st round pick on him this year. He's hit some crazy shots against Wisconsin that impressed me, yet were probably a little lucky.

I expect him to be a late lottery pick in 2015

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Arizona has hot cheerleaders. Much better than Daytons lol

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he shouldnt. he can become a

he shouldnt. he can become a lotto pick next year, hope people let him know to not sell himself short and chase the cash. he's a fringe 1st rounder right now.

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At the beginning of the

At the beginning of the season Aaron Gordon measured in at 6'9" 212 in shoes, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson measured in at 6'6.5" 212 in shoes. It's possible but I don't think he's grown 2 inches in the last 6 months, and I don't think Aaron Gordon has shrunk, but every compares him to Iggy, including himself and his coach. It's a very good comparison, much better than when Kidd-Gilchrist (another hyphenated name player) was compared to Iggy. I hope he goes back though, he could be a top 10 like Iggy, instead of a late 1st, early 2nd this year.

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I think he's a sure fire

I think he's a sure fire first rounder if he declares. No way teams drafting at the end of the first round let him slip away. He has elite defensive ability and an incredible desire to win. If he ever develops a true jump shot, he'd be an Allstar!

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2nd rounder? If the Raps

2nd rounder? If the Raps passed up on him at 20 I would be outraged.

He could very well be a "potential" sell and sneak into the lottery.

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he would be a top 15 pick

he would be a top 15 pick easy!

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I think he'd be making a huge

I think he'd be making a huge mistake by not returning to AZ. His offensive repertoire consists of dunks and garbage putbacks...And he's a small forward. He needs to work on a perimeter game.

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Arizona Starters

The reason I could see hollis-jefferson going pro is if he doesn't think he'll get a chance to start next year. With blue chip recruit Stanley Johnson coming and with Nick Johnson, Brandon Ashley, and Kaleb Tarczewski possibly staying the starting lineup could look like this:

Pg: Mcconnell

Sg: Nick Johnson

Sf: Stanley Johnson

Pf: Ashley

C: Tarczewski

Maybe he sees that lineup and doesn't think that he'll get a chance to start and really get the minutes to improve his game. He could definitely compete for the SF or PF slot but if he doesn't want to take the chance he could declare and capitalize on his strong tournament.

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RHJ is similar to Rasual Butler

RHJ is similar to Rasual Butler

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No he isn't. He is an

No he isn't. He is an athletic SF with great slashing and defending abilties but no jumper at all. He was 2-10 this year from 3. Rasual Butler hit 282 3's at LaSalle including 45 as a freshmen...I am hoping this was a joke.

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He's nothing like igoudala

He's nothing like igoudala thank god. That's a horrible comparison. I like the tayshaun prince comparison.

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Stacy Augmon

Stacy Augmon

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