Does anybody have any updates on Jashaun Augusto

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Does anybody have any updates on Jashaun Augusto

I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with a middleschool basketball phenom that is a freak of nature with incredible ball handling, shooting and passing skills for his age? Didn't he get a scholarship from UCLA when he was in 6th grade? That video came out a couple years ago like 4 years ago, and since then I think he's only moved up one grade. What's worse is that he hasn't grown, and has a 2 and a half year puberty delay, he's really short for his age... Does anybody have any updates about the young fella? I really was hyped on this kid, more than I am on 'Drew Wigg but his short stature and lack of physical progress made me almost forget about him. Is he still alive?

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Kid is good as hell, but

Kid is good as hell, but check out this ridiculous video of one of many meetings between him and Jaylin Fleming. Fleming lived by me before I went to college and the kid is for real. Anyways here is the video:

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I remember seeing the video

I remember seeing the video on this kid. The local news did a feature on him. He was going through a workout and his dad swears that he didn't have to puch him to do itand that he wanted to do it on his own with his dad's help. Dude was a track star also. I think it said on the feature that he was running a mile around 4 and a half minutes then and was going to break the world record for his age. I just googled him and it says he's a freshman in high school now. He's only 5'5' which really hurts him. Hopefully he'll hit a growith spurt and get to 5'10'- 6 feet. If he does, he could have a bright future ahead of him.

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Exactly, it's so hard to

Exactly, it's so hard to project this kids since they have just started puberty. Who knows how tall they'll end up or if they get burnt out. The best player in my 6th grade class ended up not even making our varsity team as a junior.

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i watched these two video a

i watched these two video a couple months ago to see all the 'phenon' hype, and this kid got it. his floaters are UNREAL and his overall feel for the game is uncanny. i also read that he has that problem, a 2 year 'delayed puberty'... self explanatory... don't quote me on that though, i don't have legit source. 1st video is a year old, the other one is 2 so its not really a huge update :/


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Sorry guys but lets be

Sorry guys but lets be real-If Jashaun doesn't hit puberty and grow at least another 12 inches (AT LEAST!!!) there's no way he's NBA-bound. Just not gonna happen. The other kids in the highlight reels are all already at least a foot taller than him and that disparity is only gonna get worse when he gets to high school.

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He's never actually impressed

He's never actually impressed me outside of his mile time which is completely irrelevant when it comes to hoops.

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You know, it's really not all

You know, it's really not all that abnormal to be 5'5 at that age. People have growth spurts at different times. We are so used to seeing kids develop early on in high school that people sometimes forget this. I was no more than 5'7 my sophomore year in high school and I was 6'2 by the end of my senior year.

Now obviously this doesn't mean that this kid is going to grow up to be a superstar. It does seem like a good sign that he still looks like a kid. It would be one thing if he looked completely physically developed and was just bullying other kids around, but this doesn't seem to be the case. There is no reason to think that he won't grow to a decent height by the time he's a high school upperclassmen.

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