The Doctor

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The Doctor

Just got done watching "The Doctor" on NBATV. I have been watching highlights of dude my whole life. Been hearing stories from my uncles about him for as long as I can remember. But after watching this documentary I see what they have been telling me my whole life. This guy was beyond amazing. I wish I got to see him play for myself. He is the definition of LEGEND.

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Yeah I didn't watch I was at

Yeah I didn't watch I was at Work. But being from Philly I know everything about Doc, I heard it was great tho. Its good for people that didn't grow up on tapes of him or who don't know his story

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I was it work when it aired.

I was it work when it aired. Watching it now. So good, really gives a great look into the career and life of a legend who doesn't get enough love in today's society. I understand why, he was in his prime during the late 70's and probably played his best basketball in the ABA which has few highlights that remain today. Anyways, I highly recommend watching this doc. Julius was a beast

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Like a lot of guys my age, Dr

Like a lot of guys my age, Dr J was the main reason I started watching basketball. I wrote more than one paper on him when I was in school. The guy played with style and was just amazingly entertaining to watch. He was the king of the "in your face" move, dunking on guys or defying gravity and twisting past them as the fell back to earth. More than that, the Doctor was cool. He completely created the template for the modern NBA superstar.

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I loved Dr. J. growing up,

I loved Dr. J. growing up, despite never being able to watch him play. Aside from MJ ( Bulls fan ) he was my favorite player. I thought he was the coolest player ever and even wore knee socks when I played in high school ( probably a little goofy as white kid rocking the late 70's style in the late 90's ) but I loved his game because for as smooth a player as he was, he was equally powerful. I loved learning about the ABA when I was younger and probably had the best baseline finger roll around as a result, haha.

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Julius Erving was

Julius Erving was sensational

1 x NBA Champ
2 x ABA Champ
5 x ABA All-Star
11 x NBA All-Star
2 x NBA All-Star Game MVP
5 x all NBA 1st Team
4 x all ABA 1st Team
1 x all ABA Defensive 1st Team

stats: 24.2 ppg, 8.5 rpg, 4.2 apg, 2 spg, 1.7 bpg, 51% FG

I think he's a top 10 player of all time, almost without question

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Was just fantastic to watch. I can see him now, cupping it in that huge mitt of his and just loading up to slam it home. As JoeWolf1 alludes, Doc had one sweet finger roll as well.

Classy guy, and all around ambassador for the game. He spent three or four of his best years in the ABA, where we didn't get to see much of him.

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