Doc Or Phil

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Doc Or Phil

If you could take either of these coaches to coach your favorite team,Doc Rivers or Phil Jackson, which one would you choose?

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Phil Jackson: his credentials

Phil Jackson: his credentials are amazing

Un-related: I was watching the Boston/Orlando game and I thought Doc Rivers and Big Baby should have an early morning talk show like Regis and Kelly titled Glen to Glen. It would be terrible and awesome all at the same time.

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Doc Rivers is probably gonna

Doc Rivers is probably gonna be one of the best coaches of his generation and will enter the hall of fame as a coach IMHO
Phil on the other hand has all the right to call himself the best coach ever with those 10 rings and 2 other final appearances

that said I think it depends on the team,If you have a contending team with a superstar It is difficult to pass on Phil
If you are building a young team then I will choose Rivers,he has handled the development of Perkins,Rondo&Glen Baby Davis greatly IMO ,considering Phil's his age he won't be ready for rebuilding process (and that will be probably for the first time of his career to coach a rebuilding team)

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Offline doubt about doubt about it...but i'm good with Sloan and Skiles

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Put a "t" in between Doc and Or

Then read it back to me...

Ew, I'm pathetic.

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No love

No love for Alvin Gentry, he got them to play better than Dantoni ever did

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toss up

it doesnt really matter which u pick. becuz if u think about it neither guy really won anything until he had great players on his team. bu ti fi had 2 pick one i may go with phil jus becuz hes been there so many times

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