do you think its time for joe dumars to be on the hot seat.

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do you think its time for joe dumars to be on the hot seat.

now i know what yall saying. wtf am i talking about.
while let me tell yall wtf im talking about.
joe dumars has been the gm or whatever he is the last 10 years. am i correct.
now looks lets look at the good things he did here.
he traded grant hill bad ankles to the magic for atkins and wallace.
he traded stackhouse for hamilton
sign billups.
hired some good coaches.
build a solid team that would go on to win the title.
drafted stuckey.
traded for sheed
went to the ecf six staright years.
drafted prince

now looks at the bad things
he fired rick after 50 wins back to back seasons
ran larry brown outta town
drafted darko over melo, wade, bosh, and other good players
traded billups for iverson
hired michaelc curry as coach

i know hes a good gm and all.
but dont you feel like dumars may dont have that magic no more.

let me know what you think.

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I have to agree....Dumars

I have to agree....Dumars could probably go. I think Avery Johnson would've been a great hire but they aren't going to make him the head coach now. Also drafting 3 SFs in this years draft was to put it politely F**k**g stupid. Also signing Gordon & Villanueva does absolutely nothing. They still can't contend for a title. They just a threw away a ton of cash and now have a log jam at SG.

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Firing coaches when they

Firing coaches when they produce 50 wins. Whats up with that?

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to be honest im with you on

to be honest im with you on this ..hes made a couple moves that dont make awhole lot of sense or just isnt working out...he better hope stucky makes a bigger step then he did last year as far as becomming the teams future pg

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I think this years draft sums it up. He drafted 4 small forwards... That Jaberko doesn't look like he can play the PF in the league, unless they use him like a Rashard Lewis or Dirk. Plus, he traded away Chase, who I think is going to be a better pro than he was a college player (and probably better than Summers and Daye).

If he is really going to blow up this team, might as well trade RIP for Chandler, Dalembert or Lee. I mean, we need a C in the worst way and the options out there that are available are not amazing. Heck, we should try to trade for Boozer or Josh Smith.... I just don't see any big names in next years 2010 FA class signing up to be on this squad. Boozer would make the most sense for RIP since his contract would come off the books next year anyways freeing up some money, but honeslty, could Joe D even convince Amare, Bosh or Boozer to even play with this team he is putting together?

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Darko was a horrible pick, but Dumars wasn't alone in liking the guy.

Trading Billups just to create cap room to ultimately sign Villanueva & Gordon has to rank as a disaster. I don't know if he's on the hot seat yet, but he's got to be closer than he's ever been. I'd say this next coaching hire & the next couple offseasons are going to be pretty important for him if he wants to keep his job much beyond that.

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Dumars seems very calculated

Dumars seems very calculated with his decisions, but let's be honest. He makes risky calls on almost every situtation. Draft pick wise, he picked unproven guys like Darko (failure) Rodney White (failure) and Rodney Stuckey (success) and guys that get a bad rap, Tayshaun Prince (success) Jason Maxiell (success) and Austin Daye (tbd). With free agent signings and trades, he has usually gone for hard workers, but there always seems to be "calculated risks" involved. Early on deals for Chauncey, Rasheed, and Rip worked, but as of recent DUmars made the wrong call on Iverson, Nazr mohammed, Kwame Brown, and Michael Curry. I honestly think Dumars is on the hot seat with this one.

Two signings, $85 million, and 0 career all star appearences. Villanueva is still unproven in my book, did he play for a contract or is he on the verge of a breakout? Gordon has been more consistant, but is he a) better than Rip (assuming that the Pistons trade Rip) and b) is worth that kind of money. No one can accuse Dumars of being complacent, he is always working on ways to improve the team, but his misjudgements have effectively led to the dismantling of the 03-04 championship team. I think if the Pistons have a rough year Dumars may leave.

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He needs this squad to do well this year. If they do well then, he won them a title, and rebuilt without a non playoff season. I don;t like the point guard situation over there though. I still think Gordon was a good move, but he over paid for Charlie V. I question the decision to give a guy less proven than Gordon that amount of money. Gordon will get it done playoff time I have doubts about Charlie. I think Charlie is good but last year was contract year and he does not bring it everynight.

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if he can work ther deal

if he can work ther deal with jazz rip-bozzer,this season is going to be fine.and next year still have lot of cap space to not sold on the gordon-villanueva either,but i think he deserves more credit,

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i feel dumars has been on the hot seat since traded billups 4 AI. i mean he essentially killed his team when he did that becuz AI is a team killer. i know he wants 2 totally restructure the pistons but i think he could have waited until the guys got a little older to dump them off.

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