do you think brandon jennings plays any thing like allen iverson?

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do you think brandon jennings plays any thing like allen iverson?

well i believe that brandon jennings plays like a iverson from 96-06.
what do you guys think?

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Iverson is not bad enough to

Iverson is not bad enough to score so few in Europe.

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Jennings hasn't scored alot in europe, but that doesn't mean he can't score. Josh Childress was a double figure scorer in the league but averages single figures in europe. Just because it's not the NBA doesn't mean the quality is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus the NBA is a faster paced, more athletic league than europe, the NBA will be a better situation for him to succeed

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Brandon Jennings VS Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a pure scorer and always has been. AI is a undersized 2 that was labeled as a point becuz of his height. I really believe if Iverson wus at least 6'5 he would have a different legacy as a player because as a legit 2 with size people would have 2 look at him differently. Brandon Jennings on the other hand is a flashy point guard in the mold in sebastian telfair. If Brandon doesn't develope a decent jumpshot his fate might end up being a servicable starter or rotation player at best.

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I do see the Telfair

I do see the Telfair comparison but to me Jennings is more explosive and athletic. I would throw that he is kinda between Telfair and Rondo.

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Jennings reminds me more of

Jennings reminds me more of kenny anderson than iverson.

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How do you compare him to Iverson? Based on what? You watch his garbage minutes in Europe? Do they allow him to isolate in Europe and just take over?

You have high hopes.

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Jennings is like...

Think of a more skilled Mike Conley. Both have similar sizes (6'1", 175 lbs). Conley was stronger and possibly a better defender, but Jennings is a better shooter, ball-handler and more athletic. Plus he's experienced with a pro game already. He has 17/3/5 potential.

Haha, that being said, I had him pegged as my big first round bust. I dont know but I just dont see him translating to the NBA so well. Call it a hunch with very little proof or evidence to back it up...

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