Do My Top 5 Positions going into College BBall Season start off with the PG

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Do My Top 5 Positions going into College BBall Season start off with the PG

My Top 5 Point Guard going into College BBall Season

1. Marcus Smart (OK St.) - At 6-4 225 lbs he could been number one point guard taking in last year draft. He got alot hype surround him coming in this year because had strong season as freshman but he got some room improve his game we all know good play maker, nice jumper & good defend too. Smart is good leader and very competitor he got to have good sophomore season lead to Cowboys NCAA Tourney run.

2. Andrew Harrison (Kentucky) - I know he's freshman he could different maker in Kentucky National title run this year I think that he's x-factor in the starting lineup. I like his size remind me MCW better shooter (but he will better than MCW i know he's a inch shorter) and play making ability plus coach Calipari he find leader point guard actual run the team. Andrew will make run Smart #1 point guard overall in next year.

3. Semaj Christon (Xavier) - Another sophomore & one of underrated point guards in the country. He will be make some noise depending what kind of season he will have. Semaj has great size for Point Guard and got lot of promise going forward in his career he's very long could great potential on the defensive end and offensively he's very aggressive plus good transition player too.

4. Spencer Dinwiddie (Colorado) - Another underrated point guard Dinwiddle is the one of best player in Pac-12. At 6-5 terrific size for Point guard I saw on him U19's on USA team I started on the band wagon with everybody else about him here why he will good hard on defense,plus very good shooter & his willingly make plays for other teammate. I won't be surprise he will lottery pick next year draft.

5. Aaron Craft (Ohio State) - I know some people don't have lot for Aaron Craft he ain't most athlete guys and the flash guy in the country. I do respect his Craft all he do winning games, play smart, be a leader & he will good defensive. He's floor general, quietly make plays & willing do everything get a W for the Buckeys now he's senior try anything to get to national championship game but to me his little underrated too.

Honorable Mention - Jahii Carson , Kasey Hill, Andre Hollins, Jerian Grant & Yogi Ferrell

Notice in few days i will be on top 5 shooting guards in the country

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Thats a pretty good list. I think Appling could possibly be in the top 5 or at least honorable mention. He often gets overlooked because of other good players at Michigan State, but i think he will have a great senior season.

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I think Jahii Carson should

I think Jahii Carson should in the top 5. He is definitely better than Craft. His offensive poise and athleticism are top notch.

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I think Nigel Williams-Goss

I think Nigel Williams-Goss will be on up there too

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Are these your top 5 pro

Are these your top 5 pro prospects or top 5 college performers, because we all know those two can be very different. Scotty Reynolds was an all-American and wasn't even drafted.

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No way Christon is top 5

Probably not top 10 even. Craft, Appling, Deonte Burton, Kevin Pangos, Napier, Smart, Olivier Hanlon, Ferrell, Hollins, Tim Frazier, T.J. McConnell, Carson, Cobbs, Dinwiddie,Artis, Harrison, Kasey Hill, and probably several others are better.

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For a college pg then maybe Craft is up there but when it comes to NBA prospect Craft might not even scratch the top ten, its mainly do to his horrible shooting %.

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Agree that jahii Carson

Agree that jahii Carson should be in there. He got 18 and 5 assists last year as a freshman and was in my opinion the runner up to crabbe for PAC 12 poy and should be the favorite this next year. Other guys like dinwiddie might have more potential as pros, but Carson could easily get 20 and 6 next year.

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Aaron Craft is a great

Aaron Craft is a great defender and leader for Ohio State but as far as the NBA I just don't see him being successful in that setting. Not a scorer and cannot shoot the basketball so you can go under screens when guarding him. Strictly a college player. Have yet to see Semaj Christon or Jahii Carson but I definitely will this season. This college season is going to b interesting

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I completely agree with your top 5 and honorable mention. Another name I'd like to throw out there is Tyler Ennis at Syracuse. I had mixed feelings about him during the high school season, but after his performance at the FIBA U19s, I'm convinced he'll succeed at Cuse. He's got good size for the pg position, is a strong shooter, has a tight handle, and is a very smart and poised player. While his athleticism is solid, faster guards could likely take advantage of him. However, the zone defense should mask his deficiencies for the most part. Considering that he has a strong supporting cast with Fair, Grant, and Christmas around him, I believe he is in a position to succeed.

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its got to be a couple guys

its got to be a couple guys ahead of Christian. I think he is getting his notice from an athletic standpoint. I watched him play before and he looked like a solid college.guard, not pg. Maybe he can make it to the league maybe he wont, but as far as everybody putting him in their top pgs going into this season i dont understand it. I think many are going by what they hear and see on draft boards. He has 4.5 assists pretty good to 3.6 turnovers pretty bad. Really think Shabazz Napier at UCONN, Carson at ASU, and Quinn Coon at Duke deserve more looks as far as nba scouts, college point guards, and notoriety go.

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