D'Jery Baptiste

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D'Jery Baptiste

Has any one seen this kid play in person? Just saw his Ballislife mixtape and physically he looks like a cross between Dwight Howard, Serge Ibaka, and David Robinson. 7'0 feet and 250 pounds, coming from Julius Randles' Alma Matter Prestonwood Christian Academy, D'Jery is athletic as all get out, he's only been playing Bball for 4 years, clearly he still has a lot to work on. I'll let this forum be the judge.

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After seeing some video on him I don't think he's as athletic as those players but I am suprised he isn't on the ESPN top 60 recruits.

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I have seen him play in

I have seen him play in person. Physically, he is abo&$#%#[email protected]!ely unbelievable in terms of his chisled frame. I came upon his team last year at the Hampton EYBL. Whether or not he has the skill level to be an elite level recruit or a possible pro prospect remained to be seen (he did not play a large factor in the game I watched) remains to be seen, but one thing was very clear: Baptiste has an (albeit overused term) NBA body RIGHT NOW. I and many others hope he can realize this and develop into a future star.

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All he needs is a hook shot and counter, left and right. Work on it! Hopefully doesn't become the next Bismack Biyombo. Stop dunking, forget that slow fadeaway shot, just work on some basic post moves. Watch Tim Duncan.

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