DJ Wilson

Great physical tools, solid athlete, versatile offensive game and not a defensive liability. What's his upside? As crazy as it sounds I could see him being better than Lauri Markkanen. Along with Jordan Bell and Derrick White, Wilson is one of my favorite late first/early second guys.

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I see DJ Wilson's ceiling as a Channing Frye/Lamar Odom type of forward. Lamar Odom's skill set but more of Channing Frye's mentality - not wanting to play physical. That soft mentality is why he isn't in the mid-late lottery. That being said, he can be a great utility big for Russell Westbrook IMO. He just needs to realize how great of a talent and how big he is. He plays like a 6-10 2-guard.

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Completely agree

that he plays like a guard. And it's hard to say if he can improve on this but I definitely see the Channing frye part.

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Dwight Powell maybe?

Dwight Powell maybe?

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I am very intrigued by

I am very intrigued by Wilson's potential and I believe the Lakers should give him a serious look at 28 if he's available. I don't think he'll ever be a guy who will really get his own offense much, but if he can make a decent percentage of catch and shoot jumpers, finish at the rim reasonably well, provide defense versatility and rim protection he could have a long career as a valuable role player. I've said in the past that he reminds me somewhat of Robert horry and I stand by that comparison as a best case scenario in terms of the type of player Wilson could be.

One thing he will need to do is learn to play with more toughness, particularly when it comes to rebounding the ball and establishing and holding position, both on offense and defense.

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He's probably one of my top 3

He's probably one of my top 3 guys I want OKC to (realistically) get along with Donovan Mitchell and Semi Ojeleye. Robert Horry seems like a good comparison

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Nice energy guy. Reminds me

Nice energy guy. Reminds me of Richaun Holmes.

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much more gifted as a scorer

much more gifted as a scorer than most peoples mocks are giving credit for. The knock is the finnesse game and lack of toughness. But he is very athletic and very long where he can play the 3 with good speed and length for it, along with solid footwork and alot of ability to create opportunities for himself moving without the ball. Should be a 1st round lock imo esp with a team wanting a small ball 4 with versatility at the 3.

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i've seen DJ play quite a few

i've seen DJ play quite a few times in college, he reminds me a LOT of tobias harris..

the thing is, outside of his shot (he does move well without the ball), his perimeter game essentially isnt there at all. hes playing against 6'7/6'8 forwards in the big ten.. thats going to immediately change to defenders who are physically superior to him..

this is one of those cases thats all about the transition and how he can adapt his game.. time will tell..

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The guy wasn't even all that

The guy wasn't even all that great until the second half of last season and the tournament. His biggest weakness is his motor for sure... disappearing for long stretches at times, but when he's on, he's on. He reminds me of Charlie Villanueva. Same shooting ability and size, but not much defense or rebounding.

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