DJ Stephens records 46' max vert at Nets Workout

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DJ Stephens records 46' max vert at Nets Workout

Chad Ford @chadfordinsider
Here at Brooklyn Nets workout. My favorite @ddotjay30 is here. Measured with a 46" max vert here. Highest EVER measured by NBA

This greatly excites me haha. Might not lead to getting drafted but sure shows how athletic this guy is

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Haha, I'd like to say I'm

Haha, I'd like to say I'm surprised. I love Stephens, but I think he'll have to impress as a free agent on a summer league team.

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Does anyone know what he

Does anyone know what he tested out at height wise? I think he might be closer to 6'4. His wing span is probably great though.

I think a great organization like the Spurs could turn this guy into a very, very good player. He would be a beast next to Kawhi Leonard.

The Grizzlies, on the other hand, need some more help on the wing. I would be really happy if we got him at 55 or 60.

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