DJ dominates Heat

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DJ dominates Heat

For those who thought DJ would never develop offensively these number are for u in 24 Min 8-8 FG 18 Pts 9 Reb 2 Blk. LOL, he can't hit a free throw to save his life but his post game is without a doubt leaps and bounds better than any of his other previous season. The Griffin & Jordan duo is looking pretty good after this unexpected development.

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Wait a bit

It's only preseason.... we have to wait bit before saying he is so good. In the mean time he is showing his usual problems in free throws and this a big problem for a bigmen (it was for Shaq... let alone for DJ)

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Just because it's the

Just because it's the pre-season doesn't mean you can't pay attention to a player's offensive footwork or his jumphook mechanics. Jordan has looked solid in those areas.

I still think he needs to get a lot better though. Teams aren't going to let him dunk. They're going to foul him. He's a liability if he can't make free-throws.

Defensively, he still needs to get better...

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His footwork looks better and

His footwork looks better and he has put in some reps with a jump hook, ppg probably won't go up because of all the newcomers taking away shots but efficiency should go up.

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